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Merry Christmas From Bergdorf Goodman!

Merry Christmas from Bergdorf Goodman

First and foremost Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has had a great year and is ready to take charge in 2012!

For the holidays my friends and I had the recent pleasure of gathering to do a walk New York to check out the many Christmas windows up and down Fifth and Madison Avenues. One window that particularly stuck out in my mind for its sheer beauty and my love for zebras, was the Bergdorf Goodman window displays.

This year one of their windows entitled "Teacher's Pets" showcased a 3-dimensional classroom, using 300 different types of papers, filled with black and white paper animals. Those animals included the life-sized paper zebra, ostrich, panda bear, aardvark, white peacock, and more. As the 'students' posed within the cascade of zoological textbooks, the teacher – dressed in a black and white lace Marchesa gown – presides over the paper bestiary. New York calligrapher, Bernard Maisner, provided hand-lettered labels, in Latin, for all the animals. Below I have included some of the close-up shots I got of the window, though needless to say they were mostly of the zebra. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

The making of the Heathrow Christmas card with Rob Ryan

Final Artwork - Heathrow Christmas card with Rob Ryan
Renowned artist Rob Ryan talks through how he created Heathrow's 2011 Christmas card...

Crackin’ Calendar For December

Nutcracker Calendar for December

We saw last months calendar from Go Scout Creative that blew us all away and shed a bit of color and cheer to confused month of weather. Well now we have a new calendar that is sure to crack you up.... literally! They have bestowed upon us the Nutcracker himself popping out of a box ready to crack some acorns (that I didn't take the liberty of making). This calendar of the month was a little more challenging and if you saw the process of my gluing you would probably shake your head, however I assure you it's worth it and you will probably do a better job. Thanks again guys! I can't wait for next months calendar for the start of the new year!

The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index – Pop Up Book

2010-pnc-christmas-price-index-01 Since 27 years the PNC Christmas Price Index® shows the current cost for one set of each of the gifts given in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. This years PNC Christmas Price Index® is a beautifully created pop up book which was animated and turned into a fun interactive experience. Enjoy the experience and learn more about the index on pncchristmaspriceindex.com

Yulia Brodskaya: Christmas in Wonderland

I must showcase the latest piece from Yulia Brodskaya, an incredibly talented Russian illustrator who we may widely know her for her innovative paper illustrations and who continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world. She has recently been commissioned to create the main visual for the 2010 Christmas campaign based around the headline 'Christmas in Wonderland'. This work being one of the many amazingly refined quilled projects she has done.

Origami Coral Reef Christmas Window by LAVA

LAVA-la-rinascente_01 Chris Bosse of Laboratory For Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has created a window installation for the famous Italian department store la Rinascente for its Contemporary Christmas Art windows. LAVA’s window installation is an origami coral reef using 1500 recycled and recyclable cardboard molecules that explores the intelligence of natural and architectural systems.

Kyle Bean: Diesel London Christmas Windows

Kyle Bean, who specializes in prop styling as well as handcrafted model designing, has recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Wonderland Magazine and Diesel to design and art direct their Christmas displays for their new flagship store in London.

Zim and Zou Paper Forest Greeting Card Installation

Zim and Zou is a french graphic design studio comprised of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann based in Nancy (France). Since Christmas is just around the corner this couldn't be a better time to showcase their latest piece -- a holiday greeting card entitled Paper Forest created in collaboration with Seeonee for Grant Thornton.

Richard Sweeney’s Angelic Paper Sculpture for La Rinascente’s Christmas Window

There seem to be several Christmas window displays that are incorporating paper this year, one of which has been created by artist and designer Richard Sweeney. Richard Sweeney is based in Wakefield, England and has created this remarkable paper sculpture entitled The Angel for the La Rinascente Christmas 2010 window display which can be seen at the Piazza Del Duomo in Milan.

Andy Singleton: Paper Ice Caverns

Andy Singleton is a talented paper artist and illustrator based out of Wakefield, England. He was recently commissioned by the Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Wales to create a paper Christmas Window installation of lovely icy caverns. The caverns were created entirely from paper, constructing 3D icicle sculptures and combining them with 2D flowing paper cuts and icicles. If you happen to be in Wales you will be able to see the installation up until January 6th. You can see more of his amazing work at www.andysingleton.co.uk