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Artist Transforms Deck of Playing Cards into Life Sized Works of Art

Christian Tagliavini Transforms Deck of Playing Cards into Life Sized Works of Art

Talented Swiss photographer Christian Tagliavini loves cultivating stories with open endings of unexplored themes or unusual concepts, as we have seen previously. Through Tagliavini's background he is able to invent, create and produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship. This exciting collision of circumstances resulted the transformation of an ordinary deck of cards into these life-sized works of art, where he takes on the role of fashion designer and photographer by constructing these unique pieces from paper and cardboard.

Cardboard Ladies by Christian Tagliavini

Cardboard Ladies by Christian Tagliavini

The realm of cardboard art is easily unsurpassed with the numerous amounts of ways that it can be manipulated, everything from apartments to installations and music videos to even fruit.

Now we can say that fashion and photography can have a share in this realm with Swiss-Italian born Christian Tagliavini's Dame Di Cartone, which literally translates to Cardboard Ladies. What he has created is a glimpse into the past with these lovely portraits, the clothes being entirely crafted out of cardboard and now for your viewing pleasure if you happen to be in London. The exhibition "Cut Out & Keep" is being held at the at the Diemar Noble Photography Gallery until January 7th, 2012.