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Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Art on Paper New York 2017

Paradigm Gallery + Art on Paper New York 2017 March 2nd – March 5th, 2017

If you are looking for something to do today amongst all of the amazing art shows on this weekend in New York, I have just the thing for all paper enthusiasts. Be sure to stop by Art On Paper Exhibition at Pier 36, Paradigm Gallery + Studio - Booth E1. They will be showing four artists that I think are a must see. In order above from left to right, Charles Clary, Seth Clark, Kelly Kozma and Alex Eckman-Lawn. There is a range from cut paper collage, mixed media paper reliefs, to hole-punched paper and photographs forming new pieces. You have until tomorrow, so be sure to swing through!

Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Art on Paper New York 2017 seen first on Strictlypaper

Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting Exhibition

Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting - Charles Clary | Patiflasmic Phlebotomy
Charles Clary, Meticulous Excavations Movement #3 (detail), 2017, Hand-cut paper and acrylic on panel, Dimensions variable, Courtesy the artist.
February 25, 2017 – May 21, 2017

I have the pleasure of sharing with you a new exhibition that opened only two days ago entitled Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting which will be on view at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire.

This exhibition showcases the works of contemporary artists who reconsider, redefine and even subvert the centuries-old practice of paper cutting. In the tradition of the craft, the art to be featured in the exhibition is impressive as well as intricate, but its subject matter has been updated for the 21st century. Addressing deeper personal or social themes, the works will touch upon complex reference points including the various cultural, economic and environmental associations imbued in the humble medium of paper.

Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting Exhibition seen first on Strictlypaper

Fermatic Pandemic by Charles Clary

Charles Clary aka Paper Extravaganza's latest work entitled Fermatic Pandemic, which is all hand cut, has a melodic rhythm that is reminiscent to the beauty of movement one could find under a microscope. I'm definitely looking forward to more of his work.