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Artist Transforms Deck of Playing Cards into Life Sized Works of Art

Christian Tagliavini Transforms Deck of Playing Cards into Life Sized Works of Art

Talented Swiss photographer Christian Tagliavini loves cultivating stories with open endings of unexplored themes or unusual concepts, as we have seen previously. Through Tagliavini's background he is able to invent, create and produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship. This exciting collision of circumstances resulted the transformation of an ordinary deck of cards into these life-sized works of art, where he takes on the role of fashion designer and photographer by constructing these unique pieces from paper and cardboard.

10 Star Wars Paper Projects to Celebrate Rogue One Movie Release

10 Star Wars Paper Projects to Celebrate Rogue One Movie Release - Paper Darth Vader by Lobulo Design

You have already probably guessed that I'm a big Star Wars fan, so in lieu of the new movie "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" coming into the box office, I have decided to do a post highlighting some amazing paper craft works that I have stumbled across in the past months. Oh say for instance this Paper Darth featured above that showcases some pretty stellar quilling skills by Lobulo, showing bad old Darth in all his glory, quite literally. Also included in this post is a mixed media cardboard AT-AT Walker, a papercraft Millennium Falcon, an origami TIE Fighter, paper portraits of the Star Wars characters and so much more!

Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures

Laurence Valliéres Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures - Minnie Mouse

Montreal-based artist Laurence Vallières creates these animal sculptures using layered cardboard cutouts taken from found boxes. Her use of upcycling found materials into art incorporates more meaning, carefully incorporating the symbolism of various animal imagery so that they represent different political issues and social behavior. Vallières has created a series of sculptures and heads of well known figures such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy. These works are hung on walls or sometimes as freestanding statues. I had the pleasure of finally capturing her work in Miami at Context Art Fair and I have to say I was pretty wowed and had the urge to want to reach out and touch them. By utilizing cardboard, a material that she finds in abundance in the street, she can create large works on the spot in any part of the world she goes.

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard by Ryan Sarah Murphy

New York based artist Ryan Sarah Murphy creates abstract, sculptural collages using found and collected cardboard and book covers, which are then recycled and transformed into contemporary works of art. Though these abstract paper reliefs appear to be painted, however they are completely altered as is. Ryan Sarah's artistic practice generates from a wholly intuitive place, prompted by the materials that come and go freely within her day-to-day experience. As a compulsively overlooked throw-away, the artist is rather interested in the way the simple, abundant and inherently impermanent materials can be structured into quiet surfaces that convey both formation and dilapidation simultaneously. Her work is currently on display at the Odetta Gallery in London through December 18th, 2016, in a series entitled Bauhaus babies, alongside Richard Bottwin and Sylvia Schwartz. The exhibition, curated by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, aims to focus on the special interest given to contemporary painting, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, playfulness and encyclopedic obsessiveness.

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard seen first on on Strictlypaper

Folding Paper EcoHelmet Wins James Dyson Design Award

Folding Paper EcoHelmet Wins James Dyson Design Award

When it comes to life-saving protective gear, “collapsible” doesn’t seem like a word you’d want to hear, but this folding bike helmet just won this year’s James Dyson Design Award for its unique design and unusual strength. In particular, the helmet has a unique expanding honeycomb configuration comprised of thick paper to protect the head from impact. The EcoHelmet designed by industrial designer Isis Shiffer makes it easy for a commuter to carry a bike helmet anywhere they go, particularly when traveling in urban centers and making use of rented bikes. Shiffer has created a low-cost helmet to address difficult and expensive need to buy or rent a helmet while traveling overseas, where bike rentals are common but helmets are a completely different story.

Cardboard Dioramas of Laptops Depicting Human Relationships with Technology

Cardboard Dioramas of Laptops Depicting Human Relationships with Technology

Kevin LCK has shown focus on the almost absurd relationship developed between humans and technology, as demonstrated in the past. This particular set of dioramas focuses primarily on laptops, which are commonly in everyday use by most individuals. The crafting of these illustrative laptop dioramas as retail store interiors, amplifies the idea of online shopping being prevalent. Their appearance in general to be everyday electronic appliances and devices that can be found in our domestic environment, however, their interiors are modified into this miniaturized human scaled space, all crafted in cardboard. He sought to detach the audience from reality temporarily, and provide a space to rethink and reevaluate the way we behave and perceive the relationship between ourselves, objects and the environment of technology in a more conscious way.

Bold and Loud Cardboard Sculptures for Pizza Hut Ad Campaign, Behind Every Box


Pizza Hut Delivery wanted to create interesting thematic ads to show their customers all the reasons to order Pizza Hut. With the target audience of mainly young adults who are often too busy or disinclined to dine out, Ogilvy and Mather Kuala Lampur decided to not only speak to pizza lovers in an insightful and surprising manner, but to build an occasion around ordering pizza. This then translated to the thought that there are layers to every scenario; that behind every pizza box, there’s a story - a reason that someone decided to order delivery. See more behind the scenes.

Astounding Cardboard Works by Daniel Agdag


In the past we have seen Daniel Agdag's imagination run wild with his miniature as well as grand scale works featured here on Strictlypaper, as of late he has created some even more astonishing pieces, all meticulously handcrafted out of cardboard. These works include that of a rollercoaster, ornate airships, fantastical instruments and amazing houses!

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov Front

With a background as an architect/designer, Kazakhstan-based Boris Klimov chose an interesting career path in advertising. He started at small companies in his home city in Russia and is now currently working for GForce Grey Affiliated Agency called Almaty as an Art Director. He has created this amazing taxidermy like paper sculpture of a gorilla with a chef hat on, and kitchen related items surrounding him, completely out of cardboard. Chefpanzee, an amazing mesh of names by the way, has great detailing in how it is sculpted as well, it makes me feel as if a cartoon character is jumping directly off of the wall.

Steampunk Valentine – Mechanical Greeting Card


With a fascination for machines, especially those with wheels, similar to the ones found in Clockwork Love Jewelry, Bradley N. Litwin discovered his passion for the function surrounding mechanical design. He is inspired not only by the beauty of the geometric relationships of each moving part, but also in how they are assembled and juxtaposed, as predicated by their function within a system, and the evolution of mechanical design.

From that passion he has developed MechaniCards®, which are miniature, hand-operated, kinetic sculptures, designed and produced in limited edition. This piece, Steampunk Valentine, is the second MechaniCard® design introduced in 2013. It is a combination of Victorian mechanophilia and futuristic fantasy, in a timeless and plaintive pursuit of romantic bliss.