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New Intricate Miniature Worlds in Cut Paper by Bovey Lee

New Intricate Miniature Worlds in Cut Paper by Bovey Lee - Flower Knot Windmill Glider
Flower Knot – The Windmill Glider

We have been memorized by the intricate hand-cut compositions from Los Angeles based paper artist Bovey Lee in the past, here and here. In the years that have past since we last wrote, her work has gradually become more and more intricate! Bovey has dived deeper into her craft, making the viewer look just a little bit closer at all of the immense details and believe me you will want to pay attention. This particular set of cut paper illustrations showcase varying themes, where the repetition of certain elements sprinkled throughout make for an exciting visual experience!

Divinely Intricate Paper Cuts by Bovey Lee

Divinely Intricate Paper Cuts by Bovey Lee
"I define what I do as drawing with a knife. when I cut paper, it is a visceral reaction and natural response to my roots and affection for precision, detail, and subtlety." -- Bovey Lee

You may remember our introduction of Bovey Lee some time ago where we showcased her mastery of working with Chinese rice paper on silk all hand cut with delicate patience to produce these divinely intricate and beautiful works. She now has a new series that is just as stunning if not even more.

Bovey Lee: Paper Cuts

The Butterfly Gown I - 16x16”, 2010

Bovey Lee is a Los Angeles based paper artist, who was born in Hong Kong and has practicing Chinese calligraphy since the age of ten. Through her studies in painting and drawing she is able to utilize her background in Chinese paper cutting to produce these beautiful and amazingly detailed pieces that are hand-cut into Chinese rice paper with a beautiful silk backing for contrast.