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The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts - Charlotte's Web 'Charlotte's Web' - E. B. White

Todd Watts is a multidisciplinary communication designer from Melbourne, Australia, who developed skills across a multitude of disciplines from an early age. After having a few bouts of disconnected internet, Watts re-discovered his love for reading books, a path that led him to challenging himself in the art of papercraft by manipulating books of his favorite stories into surreal and imaginative works of art.

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New Hyperrealistic Topographic Landscapes Carved into Old Books by Guy Laramee

Guy Laramee Creates Hyperrealistic Topographic Landscapes Carved into Old Books - Arts de la Chine

We of course are all familiar with the absolutely stunning book sculptures that Guy Laramee has so meticulously carved in the past, here and here. These hyperrealistic, three dimensional landscapes are carved into disused knowledge, recycling discarded books and obsolete encyclopedias that are literally just waiting to be transformed into something wonderful. Laramee is able to do just that with his keen ability to refine each book, or layers of books, and capture the finer details of the valleys, towering mountains, and widespread deserts. His use of inks and pigments subtly amplifies those details, bringing each of these topographic landscapes to life.

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Carved Encyclopedias Transformed Into Dada-Inspired Sculptures

Carved Encyclopedias Transformed Dada-Inspired Sculptures

Originally from Chicago and now living and working in Atlanta, Brian Dettmer, aka the book surgeon, is known for his detailed and innovative sculptures with books and other forms of antiquated media and this wonderful series is his latest in Dada-inspired carved works. These sculptures are made from old encyclopedias, a medium nearing extinction, with their pages of data carved into intricate photomontages reminiscent of Dada artists like Hannah Hoch.

Artist Creates Massive Altered Book Sculptures Coated in Wax

Artist Creates Massive Altered Book Sculptures Coated in Wax by Jessica Drenk - Reading Our Remains Carving

Interested in archeology and paleontology, South Carolina based artist Jessica Drenk transforms mass-produced commercial products such as books, PVC piping, and toilet paper into organic forms that resonate with their material origins. Drenk cuts and carves book sculptures into old volumes and transforms them into fossil-like structures that she coats with wax, leaving some of them smooth to the touch. The play between form and material draws a parallel between the archival impulses of books and archaeology, and posits a common fate for all objects. “On a long enough time scale, there is no difference between manmade and nature; in the life cycle of objects, everything eventually returns to the earth,” Drenk has said. Tactile and textural, her sculptures highlight the chaos and beauty that can be found in simple organic materials. Drenk’s work is also influenced by systems of information and the impulse to develop an encyclopedic understanding of the world.

Artist Creates Massive Altered Book Sculptures Coated in Wax seen first on on Strictlypaper

Artist Alexis Arnold Creates Crystalized Book Sculptures Frozen in Time

Artist Alexis Arnold Creates Crystalized Book Sculptures Frozen in Time

San Francisco based artist Alexis Arnold preserves old books into gorgeous crystallized sculptures frozen in time. This process involves an unlikely recipe using the laundry detergent, Twenty Mule Team Borax, to grow crystals on the various objects, but there are many household products that can be used to grow different types of crystals. These swirling, rolling, folded or crumpled books embody a solidified aesthetic, with text particularly surrounding themes of vineyards, beekeeping, and all around crafting.

Be a creator with Tamara Lise


Paper artist Tamara Lise is back with us again, but this time she needs your help to fulfill her Kickstarter campaign. Her goal is to finance and produce her first large body of work; which will be exhibited and distributed to a wide public as well as art professionals. This project is a natural progression of over 10 years of studies and passionate work.

'Be a creator with Tamara Lise' is the opportunity to exhibit with her thanks to the catalogue she will be providing. You can have a hand in creating new delicate works of art at a decisive moment of her career. Supporting this campaign makes you part of a wonderful story, one you will remember by receiving a signed catalogue or a unique paper painting which you have contributed in making a reality. We will forever share this wonderful collective memory. Can you help?

What a Mess! A Pop-Up Book of Misadventure

What a Mess! A Pop-Up Book of Misadventure by Keith Allen

With a love for pop-up books inspired by the everyday (mis)adventures of his children, Keith Allen, a Cleveland based Senior Product Designer and Paper Engineer, at the well known greeting card company American Greetings, has ventured into self-publishing to create this unique book about how hard it is for his children to clean their rooms. 'What a Mess! A Pop-Up Misadventure,’ is a story that follows two siblings after their messy room becomes so out-of-control that it explodes from their doorway, sends them to the top of a toy mountain, spins them around in a dust-nado, and much more. Every page turn is a dazzling, well-constructed, complex paper pop-up that is sure to delight and amaze. He takes this mundane chore and has made it fun for them by turning it into a story of adventure.

Delicate Paper Works by Tamara Lise


Tamara Lise is an artist specializing in paper and book art. Her studio is based in France where she creates original works of art out of paper that combine her technical skills with contemporary themes. These delicate works are greatly influenced by the world of literature, a passion that led her to study bookbinding techniques early in her career. After her completion of a Master of Book and Paper Design at the ENSAV La Cambre in Belgium in 2011, she began producing artworks in which paper is a fabric, inspired by prehistory and traditional as well as modern art forms.

Hand Carved Antique Book Sculptures by Adele Moreau


London based artist Adele Moreau constructs altered books from a variety of found media such as vintage encyclopedias, natural history books and illustrated science manuals. The beautiful 19th century antique books she uses for her sculptures contain hundreds of original illustrations and engraving which she carefully cut out and dissect, editing as she goes to reveal a hidden world inside, giving the books a new lease of life. By re appropriating discarded items and preserving and enhancing what is often overlooked, she transforms them into objects of fascination. 


Her current series of book carvings are inspired by the work of American artists such as Brian Dettmer. The original illustrations are carefully selected page by page and delicately hand-cut to reveal a hidden narrative while still keeping the integrity of the original book intact.

Little Red Riding Hood Light Book

Little Red Riding Hood Light Book by Julia Froehlich

Julia Fröhlich is a freelance paper engineer and designer based in Rosenheim, Germany who has a variety of depth in her collection of works which includes pop-up books and sculptural illustrations. Julia has constructed this beautiful carousel pop-up book which consists of five scenes, each showing a key scene of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". In each of the scenes a different color has been chosen to convey a mood. There are several different types of paper used in the carousel, but the front layer is hand cut out of a special paper called japanese chyiogami. There is also translucent paper that is used, this becomes only visible when the light inside the book is switched on.