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Miniature Paper Worlds by Jim Doran

Miniature Paper Worlds of Jim Doran

Jim Doran is a self-taught artist based out of Baltimore, Maryland that creates miniature paper worlds in his spare time. He makes these insanely tiny dioramas from recycled containers from small Altoids to sardine canisters complete with little inked paper drawings, which are then cut out and layered into what you see here.

Merry Christmas From Bergdorf Goodman!

Merry Christmas from Bergdorf Goodman

First and foremost Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has had a great year and is ready to take charge in 2012!

For the holidays my friends and I had the recent pleasure of gathering to do a walk New York to check out the many Christmas windows up and down Fifth and Madison Avenues. One window that particularly stuck out in my mind for its sheer beauty and my love for zebras, was the Bergdorf Goodman window displays.

This year one of their windows entitled "Teacher's Pets" showcased a 3-dimensional classroom, using 300 different types of papers, filled with black and white paper animals. Those animals included the life-sized paper zebra, ostrich, panda bear, aardvark, white peacock, and more. As the 'students' posed within the cascade of zoological textbooks, the teacher – dressed in a black and white lace Marchesa gown – presides over the paper bestiary. New York calligrapher, Bernard Maisner, provided hand-lettered labels, in Latin, for all the animals. Below I have included some of the close-up shots I got of the window, though needless to say they were mostly of the zebra. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Unseen Pleasure by David Benmussa

Unseen Pleasure by David Benmussa

David Benmussa is a graphic designer based out of Paris, France. He has a wide range of dabbling, but one that particularly caught me of course was his latest piece. He has created a mounted paper sculpture, a tribute to Joy Division & Peter Saville, for his participation in Music Covers Exhibition that will be running in France from December 1st to January 12, 2012.

Stereo.type by Ebon Heath

Stereo.type by Ebon Heath
"This work (called Stereo.type) is a synthesis of our typographic language with the physical expression of our body language. These kinetic structures make the viewer listen with their eyes… or how can we make sound and its symbols found in language able to be heard visually. How can we unlock the sleeping meaning latent in a authors arrangement of letters and words to be free and as expressive as its content. When words come alive it will not be quiet. Some may yell or whisper, but they all are saying something." -- Ebon Heath

Recyclable Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

Recyclable Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

Mathias Bengtsson was born in Copenhagen and is well known for his modern aesthetics in furniture design that is both visually striking and technically innovative. The more familiar forms he works with are that of aluminum, acrylic and plywood.

3D Alphabet Paper Sculptures by Jerome Corgier

3D Alphabet Paper Sculptures by Jerome Corgier

French artist Jerome Corgier is a talented illustrator who is a part of Atelier Pariri, a graphic workshop and design studio based based out of France. He recently completed a typography series which he started back in March where he handcrafted a different letter of the alphabet per day, each done with paper. He has quite a range of designs that he made as well as numbers of layers used for each letter, which you almost don't realize upon looking from above. Overall this looks like it was a pretty awesome and "crafty" project to work on.

Star Alliance Paper Stop Motion Animation by Andersen M Studio

star alliance national geographic stop motion ad

Star Alliance in an effort to preserve the places they fly to, have donated seats to scientists and field workers to destinations all around the world. This particular animation, styling and technique was created by Andersen M Studio, who was commissioned by DDB London to create five stop motion paper films, which will run at the head of special programming by the National Geographic Channel, to showcase Star Alliance’s efforts for five specific destinations.

Typographic Paper Sculpture: Still Life Comes Alive

Still Life Comes Alive by Brian Li

Brian Li, with the help of fellow teammates -- Sean Yendrys for art direction, design from Dominic Liu, Duc Tran and Stefan Spec, and creative direction from Kyosuke Nishida, have created a typographical installation of epic proportions that was exhibited in the FOFA Gallery hallway-vitrine for the Concordia University Design Department End of Year exhibition, during the Montréal Design Portes Ouvertes 2010. They assembled thousands of pieces of paper which were folded and glued together to form a sentence which literally and perfectly illustrates "Still Life Comes Alive".

Wish You Were Here | Paper Cut by Craig Ward

wish you were here - craig ward Craig Ward is a British born, New York based designer and illustrator who likes playing with words and experiment with typography. He created this beautiful A1 paper cut illustration, which took him 11 hours to complete. See more of Craigs work at wordsarepictures.co.uk

Tactile Tattoo by Shotopop LTD

"We thought we'd play around with making a tattoo design into something tactile. " - Shotopop