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Unique Bespoke Headdresses by Benja Harney

Unique Bespoke Headdresses for Hermès Germany by Benja Harney

Benja Harney has created three unique bespoke headdresses for their 2014 Hermès Germany summer party celebrating the theme ‘Métamorphose’. Each papercraft headdresses is unique in its construction, folding and interlocking. What makes each of these gorgeous costume constructs absolutely special is their construction, which requires no use of glue! The headdresses include a helmet fit for Neptune which has sea creatures throughout in orange and also in the shape of a seashell, Diana's dark garland is adorned with deer horns and objects like stars and the moon from the galaxy, and lastly Zeus’ glistening crown has a beak and is covered in thunderbolts, clouds and a column with wings. The guests of the black tie gala evening, held in Munich in a wonderful old chateau, were presented with the selection of different headdresses to wear upon arrival, sounds like a party I would love to attend!

New Platonic

New Platonic

Benja Harney, Australian based paper artist, has a new series of exploration in paper surrounding Platonic Solids. His latest exhibition encompassed making these forms with the use of paper only and NO GLUE! Each miniature paper crafted object interlocks into one another creating stunning patterns. Be sure to check out our interview with Benja as well, he is quite a talented individual if I do say so myself.

Interview With Paper Engineer Benja Harney

Interview With Paper Artist Benja HarneyInterview With Paper Artist Benja Harney

There are few and far in between that can astound the paper world to the degree of paper engineer Benja Harney. With a background graphic design, he expanded upon the next level of exploration of paper where he refined his skills and mastered a medium that at the time seemed very obsolete and slightly unnoticed.

He without a doubt has become one of my favorite artists of his time working in everything from editorial, fashion, and even pop-up books where he constantly challenges himself, yet remains completely humble. Reading his interview with us has been truly inspiring! I have also included below another interview which touched my heart as a designer and continues to reaffirm perseverance of ones dreams. I present to you Sydney-based paper artist Benja Harney.

Mastercard Priceless Paper Craft Music Campaign

Mastercard Priceless Paper Craft Music Campaign

Shelby Craig is a designer working on several different platforms ranging from photographer to digital and also a traditional means. He currently works for McCann based out of Sydney where they created a campaign for Mastercard Priceless Music where they wanted to represent them in such a way that would appeal to a newer generation.

Mardi Gras Poster 2011 by Benja Harney

Benja Harney has just completed shooting the Mardi Gras 2011 poster with his talented friend Técha Noble. It was his final project for the full-on year of 2010 work. Técha art directed the campaign and Benja engineered the design into 3D for the photoshoot.