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Cubist-Inspired Paper Cutouts Are Effortlessly Cut From a Single Sheet of Paper

Cubist-Inspired Paper Cutouts Are Effortlessly Cut From a Single Sheet of Paper by Jose Antonio Roda

Barcelona based illustrator José Antonio Roda transforms paper into cutouts that look like Cubist inspired line drawings. His hand cut portraits have a Picasso-esque familiarity like one of his famous sketches, with wonderful use of positive and negative shapes. Each illustration is produced from a single sheet of paper, where his careful incisions have an effortless feel to them. Some have even been juxtaposed against bright circles or rectangles in the background, making for a seamless color block. Shape and design are a huge part of cut paper illustration, and a rather evident appeal throughout José’s work where he shows clear dedication to detail and his craft.

Artist Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

Lo Siento Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

We have all familiarized ourselves with the talented Barcelona-based design studio Lo Siento by now, through their typography and even installations. As you can see, their work covers a very wide array of areas. This project was self initiated for their promotion and I have to say is pretty well executed. They have managed to create a mesh of two letters, which results in three per piece that has the sculpted to be 3d, but taken to another level by mixing two letters with a middle letter, ultimately making these paper letters 4d as well. They mention that it is a project about the poetry of paper, and the letters once placed randomly together like above spell DNAMC, which we can safely assume means dynamic... or maybe that's just my interpretation. I mean, it is pretty dynamic typography if that is the case. What do you think?

RIO by Less Industries

RIO by Less Industries

Less Industries, a Barcelona-based design studio, created this astoundingly complex and simply amazing paper craft sculpture of the text RIO symbolizing the city itself for the Show Us Your Type 2013 exhibition.



Lo Siento designed a special packaging label design made entirely out of paper for the "Ensaimadas": The spiral-shaped pastry typical of Mallorca. This project was commisioned by Ensaimadart for the 50th anniversary of the Amadip.Esment association.

Red Battle by LoSiento

Red Battle by Lo Siento

LoSiento has made this awesome paper geode covered with army men that was part of a collective exhibition at N2 gallery in Barcelona which was commissioned by Kognitif.

Paper Lion by David Elósegui

Paper Lion

David Elósegui is a designer based in Barcelona that combines traditional materials and methods with the latest techniques, tools and resources in order to enhance the creative process to convey meaning. David has created this Paper Lion for Tema Studio, first created in a 3D program and then cut into several stacks of white and colored paper to produce a sculpted 3D effect.

Abitare by LoSiento

Abitare by Lo Siento

The talented design studio Lo Siento has created this letter 'A' to represent Abitare, an international design magazine that seeks cutting edge design, architecture and art project, all seen from a new perspective.

BCN 90s by Lobulo Design

BCN 90s by Lobulo Design

Lobulo Design is back again with a personal project showcasing a representation of Barcelona in the 90s with everything from mega pixels to the old school windows logo. We also have some behind the scenes below. Awesome!

20 Second Paper Animation for Resonance by Physalia Studio

20 second piece for Resonance by Physalia Studio

In mid June I attended the OFFF Design Conference, a post-digital culture festival that took place in Barcelona this year. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by the most relevant artists of our time where we all came together to be inspired.

While there I met the founders of Physalia Studio, a motion-graphics and visual effects studio based in Barcelona. They were a part of the Resonance film, a huge collaborative film produced by SR Partners in which 20 motion artists and studios and 12 sound designers explore the relationship between geometry and sound in 20 seconds.

Paper Illustration Olé School by Lobulo Design

Paper Illustration Olé School by Lobulo Design

You may have seen the incredible detailed paper illustration of the Casio G-Shock GA-110 created by Lobulo Design that we featured here in the past. Now Lobulo has just recently completed a personal project entitled Olé School (I love the play on words) that is reminiscent of "El Día de Muertos".