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Unique Bespoke Headdresses by Benja Harney

Unique Bespoke Headdresses for Hermès Germany by Benja Harney
Benja Harney has created three unique bespoke headdresses for the 2014 Hermès Germany summer party celebrating the theme ‘Métamorphose’. These papercraft headdresses include a Neptune’s Helmet, Diana’s Garland, and Zeus’ Crown. What makes each of these gorgeous constructs absolutely special is their construction, which requires no use of glue!

Stimulate/Sedate Paper Illustrations By Marine Coutroutsios

Stimulate/Sedate Paper Illustrations By Marine Coutroutsios Spirals

Marine Coutroutsios, a french artist based in Sydney, was commissioned to produce an illustrative series, constructed from paper, for a collective pop up show by Art Pharmacy on the theme : Stimulate/Sedate. The series, inspired by the ocean and waves, invites you to contemplate the natural beauty and energy of everyday life depending on your state of mind.

I Have Your Heart – Stop Motion Animation By Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt

I Have Your Heart Proposal

The I Have Your Heart story begins in 2010 when Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder came together and schemed to make an animation showcasing Crabapple's amazing art and Boekbinder's delicious music. Later down the line they found Jim Batt, or rather Batt found them, and thus a collaboration of beauty, joy, and unbounded creativity was born. Fast forward a remarkable 2 yrs later, and they are finalists for the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films at the Sydney Film Festival in 2013, nominated for Best Animation and Best Director.

Curled Paper Mosaics by Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi Tikrar

Gunjan Aylawadi is a uniquely astounding paper artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her technique, which is influenced by her cultural identity and the Middle Eastern architectural motif, employs the act of "curling" strips of paper to form these incredible, highly detailed illustrative pieces. Similar to quilling, curling appears to be one long strip of paper literally curled to a specific tightness and then placed to form these large textiles. Each work requires deep commitment, both physically and emotionally, and can take Gunjan up to several months to complete.

Colorful Origami Butterfly Dreamscape

Colorful Origami Butterfly Dreamscape

A flock of colorful origami butterflies flutter overhead in this installation, entitled Dream Colourfully, by Dream Interiors and Elixr. This collaborative piece was created for Saturday In Design, an annual event for the design community that alternates each year between Sydney and Melbourne. Each delicate origami butterfly is formed from translucent paper, which allows light to pass through from every angle.

1,697 Origami Boats Flow Down to the Sea

1,697 Origami Boats Flow Down to the Sea

From March 8th to the 24th in the Western part of Australia, Cottesloe Beach will have a long stretch of the beach transformed into a sculpture park called Sculpture by the Sea. Among them is an installation of exactly 1,697 handmade paper boats. These boats were not just hand folded, but also dipped in paraffin wax, which helps give their rich blue coloring.

New Platonic

New Platonic

Benja Harney, Australian based paper artist, has a new series of exploration in paper surrounding Platonic Solids. His latest exhibition encompassed making these forms with the use of paper only and NO GLUE! Each miniature paper crafted object interlocks into one another creating stunning patterns. Be sure to check out our interview with Benja as well, he is quite a talented individual if I do say so myself.

Interview With Paper Engineer Benja Harney

Interview With Paper Artist Benja HarneyInterview With Paper Artist Benja Harney

There are few and far in between that can astound the paper world to the degree of paper engineer Benja Harney. With a background graphic design, he expanded upon the next level of exploration of paper where he refined his skills and mastered a medium that at the time seemed very obsolete and slightly unnoticed.

He without a doubt has become one of my favorite artists of his time working in everything from editorial, fashion, and even pop-up books where he constantly challenges himself, yet remains completely humble. Reading his interview with us has been truly inspiring! I have also included below another interview which touched my heart as a designer and continues to reaffirm perseverance of ones dreams. I present to you Sydney-based paper artist Benja Harney.

Interview With Quarterly Magazine Paper Runway

Interview With Quarterly Magazine Paper Runway

I know it has been a few weeks since our last interview, but fear not this one in particular is worth the wait! Being a paper lover as well as blogger it is hard in some means to locate the absolute perfect sources for finding new artists working in the medium of paper and keeping up for that matter. This quarterly magazine that we are featuring today provides everything from showcases of party planning to the latest and greatest paper artists and everything in between. They produce captivating stories that keep the reader intrigued with the latest events, showcases of new artists and trinkets for practically any viewers taste. Without further adieu I am happy to share the Australia-based quarterly magazine Paper Runway! Be sure to check out their latest issue (featured above) and be sure to sign up for the 5th issue!

A Friend Of Mine: VCE Season Of Excellence

"The VCE Season of Excellence, by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), is a series of events and exhi­bi­tions cel­e­brat­ing a selec­tion of A+ grade work pro­duced by VCE stu­dents in an array of cre­ative fields." - A Friend of Mine

A Friend of Mine is a design studio based out of Melbourne, Australia where they strive to create each project they take on with creatively crafted passion. They have made this remarkable graphic campaign around the concept of ‘process’ for the umbrella event and 5 sub events which involves the technique of layering paper. The identity itself was translated in both a 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional environment alongside more traditional print applications. They chose to make a series of multi dimensional hand-cut dioramas were created for each field, depicting the depth of talent and process behind each event.