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Paper Craft Stop Motion Animation Advertisement for Epidemic Sound

Paper Craft Stop Motion Animation Advertisement for Epidemic Sound

We are already familiar with the talents of Todd Watts, a graphic designer and animator based in Melbourne, Australia. You may remember the series of manipulated books depicting his favorite stories, transformed imaginative works of art. As we fast forward to this year, he had been honing his paper design skills with the team at SNASK, where they were approached by music licensing company - Epidemic Sound to collaborate in creating a stop-motion, paper crafted animation. We all know music can make or break an animation, so they lead with a resounding HELL YEAH!

Paper Craft Stop Motion Animation Advertisement for Epidemic Sound seen first on on Strictlypaper

Miniature Urban Landscape by Joshua Smith

Miniature Urban Landscape by Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a miniature sculpture and stencil artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His body of work consists of hyperrealistic urban architecture that primarily focus on the often overlooked aspects of the urban environment with features such as grime, rust, graffiti, discarded cigarettes, or wall posters perfectly recreated in 1:20 scale miniatures. Each piece, crated from MDF, Wood, cardboard, plastic card, chalk pastels, spraypaint, wire, plastruct.

Miniature Analogue Papercraft Synthesizers by Dan McPharlin

Miniature Analogue Papercraft Synthesizers by Dan McPharlin

Australian illustrator Dan McPharlin is known for his gorgeous sci-fi illustrations that can be found on international magazine covers, books, and record sleeves, depicting alien worlds in beautiful retro color schemes. He made a wonderful series titled "Analogue Miniatures" to pay tribute to early synthesizers and analogue recording equipment. Each miniature synthesizer is meticulously handcrafted from framing matboard, cardboard, paper, plastic sheeting, string and rubber bands. Rather than replicating the existing machines, the focus was more about creating a revisionist history where analogue technology continued to flourish uninterrupted.

Miniature Analogue Papercraft Synthesizers by Dan McPharlin seen first on Strictlypaper

New Beautiful Paper Reliefs That Form Intricate Mandalas by Jacky Cheng

Beautiful Paper Reliefs That Form Intricate Mandalas by Jacky Cheng

We learned a great deal about Australian paper relief artist Jacky Cheng in our past interview, from how she learned joss paper folding from her grandma to her idea of the greatest invention ever made. Her works are nothing short of breathtaking and utilize meticulous care in their creation. Multiple layers are carefully cut and placed on top of one another and sometimes folded and interlocked to reveal gorgeous mandalas.

New Beautiful Paper Reliefs That Form Intricate Mandalas by Jacky Cheng seen first on on Strictlypaper

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts - Charlotte's Web 'Charlotte's Web' - E. B. White

Todd Watts is a multidisciplinary communication designer from Melbourne, Australia, who developed skills across a multitude of disciplines from an early age. After having a few bouts of disconnected internet, Watts re-discovered his love for reading books, a path that led him to challenging himself in the art of papercraft by manipulating books of his favorite stories into surreal and imaginative works of art.

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts seen first on on Strictlypaper

New Intricate Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi

New Intricate Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi - Blossom

Continuing the expansion of her craft by trying to stretch paper’s limits, Gunjan Aylawadi's curled paper weavings have become more 3d and sculptural in comparison to her past works, which were comprised of flat and ornate mosaic tapestries. Her craft involves hand cutting thousands of strips of paper which are then rolled around a thin wire to make paper strings. The strings are then glued on top of each other to create these beautiful layered textile pieces. Her inspiration for this series, entitled Blissful Mountain and Blossom, is derived from the flow and serenity of Japanese Zen Gardens. These two pieces will be featured in Long View Gallery’s newest exhibition, PAPER - Works on Paper and Works on Paper Exhibition, which will run from October 27 - November 27. The opening reception will be held tomorrow from 6:30pm - 8pm.

Interview with Relief Paper Cut Artist Jacky Cheng


It has been a while since we have done an interview and it is with great pleasure that I share this interview as well as incredible works of Australian based relief paper cut artist Jacky Cheng. Her works are absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. Each layer, precisely cut and stacked upon each other, revealing beautifully unique spiraling mandalas and flower-like sculptures inspired from topography in nature.

Art Nouveau Paper Cut Mermaid Illustration by Wai-Chung Yeung


Sydney based artist Wai-Chung Yeung is a recent Industrial Design graduate with a love for fairytales and mythology, especially those with wonderful creatures that snare the imagination (mermaids, Valkyries, forest nymphs, centaurs, you name it!). Of course naturally when you hear fairytales you think, AH! the classics like Disney, filled with tons of smiles and happy endings. In Wai's case, she is drawn to the darkly beautiful and bittersweet versions of those widely known fairytales because of their rich poignancy and vulnerability.

Astounding Cardboard Works by Daniel Agdag


In the past we have seen Daniel Agdag's imagination run wild with his miniature as well as grand scale works featured here on Strictlypaper, as of late he has created some even more astonishing pieces, all meticulously handcrafted out of cardboard. These works include that of a rollercoaster, ornate airships, fantastical instruments and amazing houses!

Unique Bespoke Headdresses by Benja Harney

Unique Bespoke Headdresses for Hermès Germany by Benja Harney

Benja Harney has created three unique bespoke headdresses for their 2014 Hermès Germany summer party celebrating the theme ‘Métamorphose’. Each papercraft headdresses is unique in its construction, folding and interlocking. What makes each of these gorgeous costume constructs absolutely special is their construction, which requires no use of glue! The headdresses include a helmet fit for Neptune which has sea creatures throughout in orange and also in the shape of a seashell, Diana's dark garland is adorned with deer horns and objects like stars and the moon from the galaxy, and lastly Zeus’ glistening crown has a beak and is covered in thunderbolts, clouds and a column with wings. The guests of the black tie gala evening, held in Munich in a wonderful old chateau, were presented with the selection of different headdresses to wear upon arrival, sounds like a party I would love to attend!