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Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects

Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects - Airplane

Known for creating exquisite, fashionable and most definitely wearable works of art, like previously featured, artist Asya Kozina has made this incredible collection of paper wigs that incorporates EVERY bit of extravagance. Utilizing only paper and cardboard, they are fashioned in Baroque-era monochrome decadence. Each piece is adorned with everyday objects, whether they are swashbuckling ships or majestic planes, that appear as if to have landed upon a robust cloud.

Paper Dolls by Asya Kozina

Asya Kozina Paper Dolls

Russia-based paper artist Asya Kozina has created these astoundingly intricate paper costumes, which were especially made for the wedding underwear company "Wild Orchid". The different styles that are depicted in this series show the traditional fashion sense of bridal dresses found in countries across the globe, but realized in this ever so delicate medium, paper. The black and white truly captures the the elegance and grace perfectly!