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Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures

Laurence Valliéres Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures - Minnie Mouse

Montreal-based artist Laurence Vallières creates these animal sculptures using layered cardboard cutouts taken from found boxes. Her use of upcycling found materials into art incorporates more meaning, carefully incorporating the symbolism of various animal imagery so that they represent different political issues and social behavior. Vallières has created a series of sculptures and heads of well known figures such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy. These works are hung on walls or sometimes as freestanding statues. I had the pleasure of finally capturing her work in Miami at Context Art Fair and I have to say I was pretty wowed and had the urge to want to reach out and touch them. By utilizing cardboard, a material that she finds in abundance in the street, she can create large works on the spot in any part of the world she goes.

Artist Creates Three-Dimensional Animals from Strips of Rolled Recycled Newspaper

Chie Hitotsuyama Creates Three-Dimensional Animals from Strips of Rolled Recycled Newspaper Lizard

These three-dimensional rolled paper sculptures, created by Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama, are full of life and character. Their lively expressions convey the strength needed for their survival in their natural surroundings, which can sometimes be unforgiving. Within her works she uses old newspapers that have stopped serving their purpose as means of information. After carefully rolling, cutting and placing each piece meticulously, Hitotsuyama is able to breath artistic life and value through those newspapers and repurpose them into these beautiful creatures. She will be showcasing her work through an exhibition and residency at the MOAH:CEDAR in Lancaster, California until January 7, 2017.

Artist Creates Three-Dimensional Animals from Strips of Rolled Recycled Newspaper seen first on on Strictlypaper

Polygonal Skateboarding Paper Craft Pets from PaperPetShop

Skateboarding Paper Craft Pets from PaperPetShop

With a background in engineering, design and invention, Ireland based papercraft pet maker Brian McSwiney is sure having a whole lot of fun bringing to life the unlikely pairing of a poodle and penguin having a good ol' time riding around on their skateboards! He is the mastermind behind PaperPetShop, a shop dedicated to making templates of all of your fave animals in one place. These recyclable polygonal paper toys roughly consists of 200 polygons, making the challenge each user takes from two dimensional to three dimensional an enjoyable paper crafting journey.

Whimsical Layered Paper Cut Animal Illustrations by Vaclav Bicha

Whimsical Paper Animal Illustrations Vaclav Bicha  Strictlypaper Whales_front

Originally hailing from Prague, Portugal based freelance illustrator Vaclav Bicha has created this series of adorable and whimsical paper cut illustrations of colorful animals as a personal project to complement his daughters room.

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov Front

With a background as an architect/designer, Kazakhstan-based Boris Klimov chose an interesting career path in advertising. He started at small companies in his home city in Russia and is now currently working for GForce Grey Affiliated Agency called Almaty as an Art Director. He has created this amazing taxidermy like paper sculpture of a gorilla with a chef hat on, and kitchen related items surrounding him, completely out of cardboard. Chefpanzee, an amazing mesh of names by the way, has great detailing in how it is sculpted as well, it makes me feel as if a cartoon character is jumping directly off of the wall.

Bea Szenfeld: Haute Papier Spring/Summer 2014

Bea Szenfeld: Haute Papier Spring/Summer 2014

You may remember the amazing paper collection of intricate fashion motifs in various colors, styles and execution entitled Sur La Plage by talented fashion designer Bea Szenfeld, where she took a medium like paper and transformed it into a robust and risque display that even I would be excited to wear.

In her latest fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2014 entitled Haute Papier, Bea has rose to the occasion to deliver an exquisite array of uniquely sculpted pieces with a theme that also incorporates the animal kingdom in, yes you guessed it, paper. I love the playful aspects of the way she chose to dress the models, especially the animals which showcased teddies, bearskins, elephants and even lions. This definitely by far the most impressive fashion display we have yet to feature on that is made of paper in its entirety.

New Exotic Birds

New Exotic Birds Diana Beltran HerreraNew Exotic Birds Diana Beltran Herrera

We have featured various types of paper birds throughout our site. Some ranging from completely intricate and others beings somewhat abstract. In Diana Beltran Herrera's last series of birds, she made just that, the birds were more simplified and showed just the overall structure. Leaving the attributes less detailed and more abstract.

In her new series, which showcases exotic birds from all over the world, she had taken her skills to a whole new level, producing a gorgeous set of paper bird sculptures with defined attributes, making them feel completely real and beautifully colored. The feathers on each bird is truly astounding!

Amazing Lifelike Animal Sculptures by José Suris IV

Amazing Lifelike Animal Sculptures

It's pretty incredible to look at these images and think for a moment that they may possibly be made of real fur or, in the case of the goldfish, scales. However, they are entirely made up of hundreds of tiny pieces of paper carefully layered on top of one another to give this effect, stunning right?

Brooklyn-based artist José Suris IV has created these masterpieces, where he uses various papers, styrofoam, wirefoam and paperclay. With the use of several different colors, he mimics the lifelike quality and texture of these animals into these amazing paper sculptures. So amazing to have such talent coming out of the area I live in!

Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros by Rebeka Molnar

Albrecht Dürer's Rhinoceros by Rebeka Molnar

Rebeka Molnar is a Hungarian-based graphic designer who has created her own interpretation of Albrecht Dürer's rhinoceros from lots of colorful paper and glue.

Paper Tomtit Sculpture By Kiki Peeters

Paper Tomtit Sculpture By Kiki Peeters

There have been several different paper birds featured throughout the site, this however is one that I have never heard of. The Tomtit is a bird within the Australian robin family that is generally found in New Zealand. Haarlem Netherlands-based artist Kiki Peeters, inspired by trips to taxidermy museums, has created her paper crafted rendition of the Tomtit. This sculpture uses several different layers mimicking that of the layers of feathers found on a bird achieving a life-like quality overall. Be sure to check out her site to see more of her paper crafted animals. There is a sneak peek of the tiger below.