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Illustrated Paper Spacephabet by Jared Andrew Schorr

Illustrated Paper Spacephabet by Jared Andrew Schorr

Jared Andrew Schorr is an illustrator based out of Southern California that creates remarkable playful illustrations that have a very retro appeal to them. He has created the Spacephabet typography series showcasing the letters Q, R, S & T that was for a past gallery showing for Illustrated Type. Be sure to swing by his site to see more of his work, what's lovely is that the entire site is all handcrafted as well!

3D Alphabet Paper Sculptures by Jerome Corgier

3D Alphabet Paper Sculptures by Jerome Corgier

French artist Jerome Corgier is a talented illustrator who is a part of Atelier Pariri, a graphic workshop and design studio based based out of France. He recently completed a typography series which he started back in March where he handcrafted a different letter of the alphabet per day, each done with paper. He has quite a range of designs that he made as well as numbers of layers used for each letter, which you almost don't realize upon looking from above. Overall this looks like it was a pretty awesome and "crafty" project to work on.

Cool Hunting Rough Cut: LoSiento

Cool Hunting - LoSiento 7 Cool Hunting recently had the chance to visit the Barcelona based studio LoSiento and created this wonderful interview with the founder Borja Martínez. LoSiento specializes in 3D typography, packaging and product design. We are big fans of their work and wrote about their fantastic Paper lettering project for EMPO. The video gives you a nice look behind the scenes and into the thinking of the studio.

Origami Alphabet Relief by Tim Fishlock

Tim Fishlock Origami Alphabet Relief

Alphabet Relief is a three-dimensional alphabet made created by Tim Fishlock. This alphabet series was made by hand and then photographed. Each was litho printed on premium paper, hand embossed, numbered and signed. A limited edition of 300. Dimensions: 700 x 920mm. To see more of Tim Fishlock's work you can visit timfishlock.com.

Folding Paper Typeface by Graphiatrist

Graphiatrist Folding Paper Typeface 1 A Typography Experiment by Graphiatrist, a Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary design studio run by Eric Ku and Alex Merto who works with brand identity, art direction, packaging, print, illustration and interactive design.

Paper Craft Experimental Type

paper-craft-experimental-type Brent Jackson released this nicely crafted experimental type licensed under Creative Commons. Download the eps on http://jxnblk.net/papercraft