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Bold and Loud Cardboard Sculptures for Pizza Hut Ad Campaign, Behind Every Box


Pizza Hut Delivery wanted to create interesting thematic ads to show their customers all the reasons to order Pizza Hut. With the target audience of mainly young adults who are often too busy or disinclined to dine out, Ogilvy and Mather Kuala Lampur decided to not only speak to pizza lovers in an insightful and surprising manner, but to build an occasion around ordering pizza. This then translated to the thought that there are layers to every scenario; that behind every pizza box, there’s a story - a reason that someone decided to order delivery. See more behind the scenes.

YCN Fedrigoni Pizza Paper Sculpture

YCN Fedrigoni: Pizza Paper Sculpture

We love our fair share of paper food sprinkled throughout the site, hence the need to include this gem, especially for pizza lovers! The lovely pizza paper sculpture you see before you is a collaborative submission by Leeds-based graphic designers Sebastian Needler and Andy Foster for YCN's Fedrigoni brief. Within the brief they were asked to provide a range of products highlighting specifically the high-end stock, while also showcasing their versatility. They decided to link back to Fedriogini's Italian origins with arguably Italy's most famous food, the pizza.

Perfil Magazine: Green Edition

Perfil Magazine: Green Edition

Here is a lovely advertising series representing the Green Edition of Perfil Magazine by Costa Rican based design studio Osopez. I love the oversized origami animals, created by German Chacón, that are showcased with their pieces having different colors, it definitely makes for an interestingly unique and very vibrant editorial.

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation for Nepia

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation by Yuki Ariga

Advertisements featuring tissues along the lines of their otherwise commonly known everyday uses are a thing of the past, especially if you see this stop-motion piece by Yuki Ariga created for Japanese paper manufacturer, Nepia. These tissue paper animals are brought to life, where each seem seamlessly introduced into the next giving a magician's flare with each flick of the wrist. Below be sure to check out the making of video.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Guide Advertising

Cardboard sculptures can come in all shapes and sizes, as we have seen throughout the site, with a uniqueness and complexity that is decided based on each project. Anderson Diego Lopes, a graphic designer and paper crafter based out of Brazil, has done just that. He was commissioned by DLP Comunicação to create such a project with this ad showcasing the details of a Harley Davidson, but completely constructed out of a variant of cardboard known as paperboard. Within this work you can see the exquisite detailing and effort that was put into this piece. Upon close inspection the craftsmanship that went into this definitely is reflected to give the simplified and minimal version of an actual Harley Davidson.

Fan The Flame by People Too

Fan The Flame by People Too

People Too has become widely known for their expertise in crafting the most ornate and miniaturized scenes depicting a truly lifelike atmosphere for their viewers.

In this advertising campaign for Amnesty International entitled Fan The Flame, Lena Erlikh and Aleksey Lyapunov were hired by agency Ogilvy & Mather London to create these astounding paper sculptures which focus on the brutality that can happen all over the world. Amnesty, a non- governmental organization focused on human rights, utilizes their logo, a lit candle, to burn the paper oppressors therefor showing in a literal sense the standing up for human rights. A very brilliant and well executed advertisement.

Bank Audi: Car Loan + Home Loan

dadomani - bank audi - car loandadomani - bank audi - home loan After their intricate paper animation video for Lavazza, Milan based creative studio Dadomani does it again. The studio created two commercials for Bank Audi. Both show really nice and detailed set designs and a perfect mix of digital and analog animation technics. Make sure to also take a look at all their making of images, that really shows how much effort they put into each of the videos.

SPLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar

SPLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar

The Makerie Studio, commissioned by fashion label Splash Dubai, has created this oversized faceted paper heart, brain, lungs and eye made with reflective papers, for Lucia Giancani's shot of Room 2013 for their 2013 calendar.

Globe Puzzle Piece Sculpture by The Makerie Studio

Globe Puzzle Piece Sculpture by The Makerie Studio

Working for legendary photographer Andrew Barter, The Makerie Studio created an intricate puzzle in the shape of a globe for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 2012 promotional campaign. The puzzle pieces slot together to form a complete globe, with each section supporting a country.


You may remember Mandy Smith's incredible Amsterdam-inspired masterpiece of an astoundingly intricate morphed house of paper, complete with the detailing inside for her short film entitled "The Move". It seems she has made an update to her site recently and has included some new fashion pieces. This in particular was based on the classic Brothers Grimm tale of Rumpelstiltskin. The dress is made entirely from baking paper and the wheel from cardboard, the room and props are all designed, created and painted by hand.