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Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

London based, German photographer Alma Haser has an all too familiar portrait series entitled Cosmic Surgery, which we saw a glimpse of previously. This collection includes newer portraits specifically for PULSE Miami Beach. Her works have a process made up of three distinct stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole piece is re-photographed.

Her works will be on display during PULSE Miami Beach at the De Soto Gallery, Booth N-302 through December 31, 2016, so be sure to check it out and maybe I will see you there! You can also grab her new pop-up book featuring this series, which has some really nice origami pop-ups toward the back, as you can see in the video below.

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser seen first on on Strictlypaper

Eerily Beautiful and Macabre Paper Sculptures by Sinan Soykut

Eerily Beautiful and Macabre Paper Sculptures by Sinan Soykut - Fungi Lungs

Newly emerged, self-taught Canadian paper artist Sinan Soykut has been creating incredibly detailed macabre paper sculptures relating to the theme of life and death, for almost a year. Soykut's fascination for crafting these unique pieces revealed itself after he began the act of transforming two-dimensional planes into three-dimensional curves. A difficult process, no doubt, he is able to visualize the curvature of the paper and exactly where to cut, while also keeping in mind the molds of the detailed shapes that these skeletal hands, flower covered hearts, fungi adorned lungs and skulls produce to the point of being anatomically precise.

Eerily Beautiful and Macabre Paper Sculptures by Sinan Soykut seen first on on Strictlypaper

Artist Folds Beautifully Intricate Origami Tessellations Reminiscent of Sea Creatures

Artist Folds Beautifully Intricate Origami Tessellations Reminiscent of Sea Creatures

Goran Konjevod is a mathematician and theoretical computer scientist, currently based in California, who has taken his origami hobby to the next level by exploring new and original works. These delicate and minimal works are abstract shapes naturally formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers are arranged according to their regular or irregular patterns — in a sense, they're organically discovered rather than invented or designed. These unique pleat tessellations have been developed from a single urform discovered by fellow origami artist Paul Jackson. The beauty that is presented in each reminds me of the creatures you would find winding and twirling in the bottom of the sea, each having their own defined grace and movement.

Interview with Domitilla Biondi, Carved Paper Poetry Artist

Interview with Domitilla Biondi, Carved Paper Poetry Artist - Nothing Matters

Having a passion for the refined detailing of paper carving, Italian artist Domitilla Biondi creates these delicate and uniquely beautiful pieces inspired by the serenity and spiritual awareness she has come to know over the past year. They each possess their own story, their poetic tale carved into ivory paper, only leaving reliefs of the shadows cast by the lights interaction from where blade once was. Without further adieu, please enjoy this lovely look into the background of Domitilla Biondi.

Be a creator with Tamara Lise


Paper artist Tamara Lise is back with us again, but this time she needs your help to fulfill her Kickstarter campaign. Her goal is to finance and produce her first large body of work; which will be exhibited and distributed to a wide public as well as art professionals. This project is a natural progression of over 10 years of studies and passionate work.

'Be a creator with Tamara Lise' is the opportunity to exhibit with her thanks to the catalogue she will be providing. You can have a hand in creating new delicate works of art at a decisive moment of her career. Supporting this campaign makes you part of a wonderful story, one you will remember by receiving a signed catalogue or a unique paper painting which you have contributed in making a reality. We will forever share this wonderful collective memory. Can you help?

Interview with Weaving Paper Artist Julie VonDerVellen

Interview with Weaving Paper Artist Julie VonDerVellen

You may be familiar with the incredible woven paper shoes that Julie VonDerVellen created a while back. I'm excited to showcase a familiar feature this time around to give a more in depth look into her background and how she came to this very delicate paper craft. Within this interview are some of her latest works, a clock series, woven tapestries and of course the shoes from her earlier work. Through her art, she experiments with various techniques that require hours of problem solving to achieve the results that hold true to the nature of her unique storytelling.

Majestic and Iconic Paper Cut Silhouettes of Tribal Men and Women by Valentine Louafi


Valentine Louafi is a French graphic designer and paper cut artist based in Aix-en-Provence, Southern France. Her studies were based around 2D animated movies and furthermore her thesis encompassed the representation of silhouettes, especially transcribing expression and body movement and the use of positive and negative contrast between the two. Her work has always been drawn to this type of representation due to the delicate and powerful nature of the silhouette and also its simplicity, while evoking endless depth and meaning. Her most recent works, entitled the "Gold Serie", focuses on the majestic and iconic portraits of men and women with body modifications from worldwide tribes, mostly from Africa, which hold a near and dear place in her heart.

Art Nouveau Paper Cut Mermaid Illustration by Wai-Chung Yeung


Sydney based artist Wai-Chung Yeung is a recent Industrial Design graduate with a love for fairytales and mythology, especially those with wonderful creatures that snare the imagination (mermaids, Valkyries, forest nymphs, centaurs, you name it!). Of course naturally when you hear fairytales you think, AH! the classics like Disney, filled with tons of smiles and happy endings. In Wai's case, she is drawn to the darkly beautiful and bittersweet versions of those widely known fairytales because of their rich poignancy and vulnerability.

Hand Carved Antique Book Sculptures by Adele Moreau


London based artist Adele Moreau constructs altered books from a variety of found media such as vintage encyclopedias, natural history books and illustrated science manuals. The beautiful 19th century antique books she uses for her sculptures contain hundreds of original illustrations and engraving which she carefully cut out and dissect, editing as she goes to reveal a hidden world inside, giving the books a new lease of life. By re appropriating discarded items and preserving and enhancing what is often overlooked, she transforms them into objects of fascination. 


Her current series of book carvings are inspired by the work of American artists such as Brian Dettmer. The original illustrations are carefully selected page by page and delicately hand-cut to reveal a hidden narrative while still keeping the integrity of the original book intact.

Shadow of Light Installation by Hiroko Matsushita

Shadow of Light by Hiroko Matsushita

Hiroko Matsushita is a talented visual artist and illustrator from Tokyo, Japan whose focus is predominantly with paper. Her practice explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D, crossing several realms such as craft, illustration and art. Since 2009 she has been fascinated by the malleable nature of paper such as folding, cut outs and layering in terms of transformation of flat sheets of paper into figures. Lately, her interests have been extending to light and shadow and see through paper cut, as you can see in this installation Shadow of Light. Be sure to check out the video below!