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Origami Tessellated Masks by Joel Cooper

Origami Tessellations by Joel Cooper

Reared by origami tradition, paper artist Joel Cooper creates these elaborately detailed tessellated masks out of a single sheet of paper! These masks are dyed, stained and then treated with polyurethane, acrylic or shellac to make them more durable. Joel folds all of these masks himself, they are one-of-a-kind and some can be purchased on Etsy.

Street Art: Banksy Does Origami

Banksy Does Origami

Banksy has a new piece that just popped up yesterday in the UK featuring an origami crane with a goldfish dangling from its mouth as if it was caught from the neighboring canal. Photos by the lonely villein

Origami Camouflage by Comali

Origami Camouflage by Comali

Comali is a german based company made up of Nadja Oertel and Susanne Sandritter where their business concept is to have a socially responsible and sustainable design on-line trading for individuals. Here they have three different animals, squirrel, elephant and butterfly, camouflaging themselves into their wallpapered backgrounds.

Oritsunagumono: X-Ray Origami by Takayuki Hori

X-Ray Origami by Takayuki Hori

Takayuki Hori has created this stunning series entitled 'Oritsunagumono' (translated as 'things folded and connected') which is a collection of origami works designed to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to Japan's coastal waterways.

Origami Toilet Paper Roll Masks by Fritz Junior Jacquet

Toilet Paper Roll Masks by Fritz Junior Jacquet

Fritz Junior Jacquet aka JFJ is a self-taught master of origami but in a unique manner that distinguishes him from other origami masters. I love his technique of transforming ordinary everyday toilet paper rolls into these origami paper masks using different pinches to form the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth. They all are molded into these forms, painted with shellac gum and diverse pigments and then fixed on a base to be hung on a wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

Beautiful—an Origami Stop Motion Animation for TRAFFIC

traffic wwf beautiful A beautiful and moving origami stop motion film to help stop the trade in endangered animals and promote sustainable trade in non-endangered plants and animals. Created for Traffic, the wildlife trade monitoring network, a WWF joint program.

Nano Origami Sculptures by Anja Markiewicz

Nano Origami Sculptures by Anja Markiewicz

Origami dates back to the 17th centry and has been admired for its beauty as well as its discipline in mastery. Fast forward to today and you can see all different types of ways that origami is being produced, whether through computer generated help or from the traditional basics of where it all began. Anja Markiewicz has gone above and beyond to create these delicate and yet incredibly complex origami pieces that are the smallest I have ever seen. They can range from 38mm to even a smaller size of 8mm. Incredible!

TYPOGRAFLY: Typographic Origami by Happycentro

Happycentro Typographic Origami

Happycentro is a collaborative design studio based out of Verona, Italy that was one of the 30 artists invited to interpret the alphabet in their own unique way to be showcased at the Gallery Nucleus exhibition for handwritten and experimental typography. Happycentro is a studio of all trades, with their specialties ranging from visual art, typography, graphic design, illustration, animation, film direction and even music. Most of their work is comprised of computer-driven pieces, but they have been delving into more hands on projects. This particular piece is a perfect example of the merging of the two skill sets, where they have a double play on words "typography" and "fly", where the typographic origami pieces are shown as a specimens in a case.

Flottille – Micro Origamis by Etienne Cliquet

flottile 1 Etienne Cliquet came up with a really interesting idea on how to animate paper. He created Flottille, a video of micro-origamis (2 to 3 centimeters long) which are opening slowly onto the surface of the water by capillarity. Unique and inspiring—wonder how far this idea can be pushed.

Origami Inspired Flux Chairs

Origami Inspired Flux Chair

The Flux Chair is the product of industrial designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten from Amsterdam where the name comes from the mixture of flexible and luxury. They wanted to create a foldable chair that would take up as little space as possible but also have the mobility of going around in everyday places. Through their inspiration from paper sculptures, the Flux Chair was born. Douwe folded a tiny, elegant, paper scale model of a chair and even though it was from a single sheet of paper, it was surprisingly strong and completely unique. Now the Flux Chair is available in the US in a variety of colors at from March - June 2011.