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Dome+: Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement

Dome +: A Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement by Rita Koralevis

Cool urban features and raw organic elements are brought together in the design of the Dome+ lamp through a play on textures and contrasting yet complementing materials. The lamps are designed by Paper Up! founder Rita Koralevics, an artist and designer who creates handmade paper objects using recycled materials. The Budapest-based designer has a passion for eco-friendly handcrafted products and modern design, and the Dome+ lamp exemplifies this perfectly. Shaped like a dome, the lamp is made from cement and paper, a combination that ensures it is both lightweight and tough. The heavily textured surface boasts a line pattern and is complemented by a smooth bamboo strap which can be used to tilt the concrete section to direct the light, making it a perfect fit to your own interior. A textile covered gray cord connects the concrete and wood elements, while metal bolts and nuts add an industrial accent to the design. Ultimately, Dome + is designed to add a creative accent to living spaces or commercial settings but it also offers a playful take on eco-friendly lighting. Photography by Ákos Sarkadi-Tóth.

Folding Paper EcoHelmet Wins James Dyson Design Award

Folding Paper EcoHelmet Wins James Dyson Design Award

When it comes to life-saving protective gear, “collapsible” doesn’t seem like a word you’d want to hear, but this folding bike helmet just won this year’s James Dyson Design Award for its unique design and unusual strength. In particular, the helmet has a unique expanding honeycomb configuration comprised of thick paper to protect the head from impact. The EcoHelmet designed by industrial designer Isis Shiffer makes it easy for a commuter to carry a bike helmet anywhere they go, particularly when traveling in urban centers and making use of rented bikes. Shiffer has created a low-cost helmet to address difficult and expensive need to buy or rent a helmet while traveling overseas, where bike rentals are common but helmets are a completely different story.

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years, Happy Birthday Strictlypaper!

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years Happy Birthday Strictlypaper

In lieu of Strictlypaper's 6th birthday this year, we have chosen 60 astounding examples of the most loved paper art works from over the years. Since the beginning, that hot summer day long, long ago in 2010, the major focus of SP has always been to highlight the most creative use of paper, this spanning across a very wide array of fields and categories, with artist from all over the world. We have always strived to be a source of inspiration to push your work just one step further, as well as a hub for other paper artists and artists alike to learn about one another... because we all know there are SOOOOO many artists out there! With that said, please enjoy this selection of paper sculptures, origami, animations, paper fashion, installations, collages and more. Share to the masses, because in the end, we couldn't have done it without you. So THANK YOU and here's to the future!!!!

Origami Bench by blackLAB Architects

Origami Bench by blackLAB Architects

The Origami Bench, designed by blackLAB architects inc., is clever seating that was created as part of a special exhibition at the 2014 Interior Design Show in Toronto. The design itself is fabricated from geometric-shaped panels of white laminate covered, baltic birch plywood that are connected with piano hinges. The origami inspired planes each fold together and lay firm against the tubular steel legs they rest upon, giving the look of folded paper. Check out more of our Notsostrictly posts inspired by paper.

Quilled Designs by Ann Martin of All Things Paper

Quilled Designs by Ann Martin of All Things Paper Jewelry

Talented Delaware-based quilling paper artist and blogger Ann Martin, who explores the worlds of creative paper art and paper craft, has been kind enough to share her work with our viewers. After seeing an article about quilling in a magazine, Ann embarked on her journey to explore this newfound skill. The coils and scrolls drew her in and ultimately piqued her interest in making these incredible and beautiful pieces from just paper and glue. At the time, she didn't know anyone who made quilling art, so she learned from books and online tutorials. From this, she wanted to share her love of paper crafting and thus the All Things Paper blog was born.

The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg

The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg Met Box

Looking for a different kind of calendar to add to your collection, why not check out The Cube Calendar, a unique item for your desk, which adds an innovative twist to the concept of tear-off calendar. This piece, created by Amsterdam-based graphic designer Philip Stroomberg, isn't like the ordinary calendar hanging from your wall, but a compact object that subtly changes shape in your hands.

Lumio: The Folding Book Lamp

Lumio The Folding Book Lamp

I was wondering around New York City yesterday and walked pass the MoMA Design Store on Spring Street and decided to drop in since it has been a while. Of course the first item I see when I walk in is this beautiful lamp that is shaped like a book with its pages in an accordion-like fashion. Lo and behold, I was staring at a new edition to the store, Lumio, The Book Lamp. Be sure to check out the video below to see all the different ways you can use your Lumio.

Top 20 Best Paper Art Works Of 2013

20 Best Paper Art Works Of 2013

Today on this New Year's Eve I would like to give you the first installment of many to come, the 20 Best Paper Art Works of 2013. What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year than by reflecting on some of the astounding projects that I have had the pleasure of featuring on Strictlypaper. Below are the most appreciated posts of 2013 in such categories as Animation, Fashion, Product Design, Installations, Quilled Art, Book Art, Cardboard Works, and last but definitely not least Origami.

ORIGAMI: 100% Recyclable Personal Mono Laser Printer

ORIGAMI: 100% Recyclable Personal Mono Laser Printer

Designed by Min-chul Kim, Sang-in Lee and Seung-wook Jeong of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., The Origami is a 100% Recyclable Personal Mono Laser Printer that was designed for the Eco-conscious. Its exterior is made of 100 percent recycled paper. In addition, at the end of the printer’s life, its materials can be recycled to produce more paper for printing.



MythoUrbanism is a personal project by Berlin-based designer Oliver "Ollanski" Bieräugel that showcases a merging the fashion between the Gods of mythology and our modern day urban wear. Here we have featured golden sneakers, a gun and a baseball cap with small accents of olive branches throughout the design. I especially love the gold paper mixed with the vibrant neon yellow, as it adds a nice touch to the merging of two very different eras. More importantly, I can't believe that it's made entirely out of paper!