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Artist Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper [VIDEO]

Sam Pierpoint Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper

Currently residing in the rural countryside just outside of Bristol in the Mendip Hills, paper artist Sam Pierpoint works both commercially and artistically, for a variety of different purposes ranging from advertising campaigns, magazine covers, editorials, installations, set design, product packaging and window displays.

She was recently commissioned by Peloton Design who wanted to collaborate on a Christmas campaign that would cut through the noise for Visit Bristol. They decided upon a paper sculpture of Bristol that would capture some of the cities most loved attractions. This cityscape is moonlit in the night, and created with G.F Smith papers in a muted color palette of white/champagne. LED lights were carefully threaded through the sculpture to create a warm and inviting glow, allowing for the fine details of the structure to almost glisten against the dark backdrop. The advertising campaign, which also included an editorial illustration, a publication illustration, window display and a making-of video, featured below, successfully helped to promote Bristol as an exciting and magical Christmas shopping destination for 2016.

Delightful Christmas Stamp Collection Handcrafted in Paper by Helen Musselwhite

Delightful Christmas Stamp Collection Handcrafted in Paper by Helen Musselwhite

Just in time for the holidays a delightful Christmas stamp collection handcrafted in paper by Helen Musslewhite! Helen Musselwhite is a renowned paper artist based in the North West of England, whose great eye for color and design shows through in her intricate, layered creations that are sometimes as mind boggling as they are aesthetically pleasing. A lot of her inspiration comes from the British countryside. "The beauty of it never ceases to amaze me," she states from her bio "and, happily, I’m well placed to observe it, living as I do just south of Manchester with one foot in the urban landscape and the other in the countryside. Walking my dog gives me the opportunity to see how my surroundings change from day to day – it’s an unending source of pleasure." This beautiful stamp collection is the official Royal Mail Christmas 2016 set all completely crafted from paper and then photographed. If you happen to be in the UK, these will be in circulation during Christmas and will be featuring a regal red breasted robin, a delicious figgy pudding, a brightly lit lantern, an adorable snowman, a socked to the brim stocking, and of course a well adorned Christmas tree. Happy Holidays everyone!

10 Star Wars Paper Projects to Celebrate Rogue One Movie Release

10 Star Wars Paper Projects to Celebrate Rogue One Movie Release - Paper Darth Vader by Lobulo Design

You have already probably guessed that I'm a big Star Wars fan, so in lieu of the new movie "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" coming into the box office, I have decided to do a post highlighting some amazing paper craft works that I have stumbled across in the past months. Oh say for instance this Paper Darth featured above that showcases some pretty stellar quilling skills by Lobulo, showing bad old Darth in all his glory, quite literally. Also included in this post is a mixed media cardboard AT-AT Walker, a papercraft Millennium Falcon, an origami TIE Fighter, paper portraits of the Star Wars characters and so much more!

Thousands of Paper Strips Delicately Placed to Create Stunning Portraits

Thousands of Paper Strips Delicately Placed to Create Stunning Portraits by Nathalie Boutté - Plenty Buffalo

French artist Nathalie Boutté is self-taught collage artist who creates absolutely stunning portraits, seen previously, comprised of thousands of meticulously placed strips of Japanese paper. She cuts long narrow strips of translucent paper that she patiently assembles, one by one creating a feathered effect which constantly evolves. These strips of paper are sometimes burned, like in the collage featured above or covered in letters to form the striking details in the features of her subjects.

Interview with Cut Paper Artist Eugenia Zoloto

Interview with Cut Paper Artist Eugenia Zoloto

I implore you to step into a magical world filled with personified characters, dreamlike states, and ornate nature inspired cut paper illustrations created by talented Ukrainian artist Eugenia Zoloto. Her works contain an enchanting beauty about them, allowing you to be lost in their ornate yet delicate landscapes, detailed layered reliefs and winding patterned vines and flowers. Amazing to see such incredible talent from an artist who has only just began only a few years ago, so please enjoy our interview with her!

Artist Depicts Roaring Movement of Waves Through Beautiful Map Collages

Matthew Cusick Depicts Roaring Movement of Waves Through Map Collages - Mylan's Wave

A multimedia artist working in collage, painting, and book art, Texas based artist Matthew Cusick is best known for his map collages comprised of intricate, warmly colored portraits and landscapes, or even previously his immensely detailed portraits. “Maps have all the properties of a brushstroke: nuance, density, line, movement, and color,” he says. “Their palette is deliberate and symbolic, acting as a cognitive mechanism to help us internalize the external.” These collaged waves are formed from various found maps and placed like a puzzle, simulating the roaring movement of breaking swells, sometimes massive, rising up and crashing down with graceful force, each unique with their own thrilling capacity to draw you inward.

Winnie Truong Creates Beautifully Grotesque Cut Paper Illustrations

Winnie Truong Creates Beautifully Grotesque Cut Paper Illustrations

Working exclusively with colored pencils, Toronto based illustrator Winnie Truong's body of work continues to explore the possibilities of large-scale drawing and the expressiveness of hair as subject in her art. 'Paper Cuts' is a new body of work by Winnie Truong that was created over the course of a two-month period of isolation at the Doris McCarthy Artist Residency at Fool’s Paradise. Truong collected and drew from her surrounding winter cottage and landscape, the silhouettes of branches, withered florae, and dry grass which she uses as layered and dimensional elements that organically emerge from her deserted nude figures. Her works are both beautiful and grotesque, familiar and discomforting; Truong's drawings question and subvert our heavily coded ideas of beauty and the status quo while inspiring the imagination.

New Cut Paper Religious Rewritings by Meg Hitchcock

Meg Hitchcock Cut Paper Religious Rewritings

Brooklyn-based artist Meg Hitchcock has already wowed us in the past, with her incredible large scale illustrative pieces that incorporate meticulously weaving thousands of words letter by letter from the Koran to transcribe the Book of Revelation from the Christian New Testament. Her works are comprised of this underlying religious theme, dissecting the word of God, where she discourages the literal reading of the text by eliminating punctuation and spacing; a sentence from one text merges with a passage from another. Her newer works have began to take on more shape, forming a niqab or scarf from these letters, which are reconfigured from alternate texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Book of Mormon and even the Kama Sutra.

Geometric Cut Paper Pattern Collages by Elise Wehle

Elise Wehle Geometric Cut Pattern Paper Collages - LIke a Fire is Burning

California native Elise Wehle studied art at Brigham Young University in Utah, but found her calling and understood the type of art she wanted to create after living in Spain for a year. Surrounded by the patterns that cover Andalucía, Wehle began using similar patterns within her own collages. Yet, it was the Alhambra, a Moorish palace covered in intricate, hand carved patterns, that influenced Wehle the most. These hand-cut paper designs are comprised of layers of an assemblage of mixed media, transforming the images into distressed and textured compositions. She states, "It's not surprising then that after I saw my first cut paper artwork, a beautiful piece by Donna Ruff, I knew I needed this process in my creative life. It represented that human presence, imperfect but dedicated, that I admired so much in others' work. I started experimenting with cutting paper soon afterward." The moodiness of each person is captured with each defining slice, as if windows to each subjects soul.

Wonderfully Illuminated Cut Paper Dioramas by Hari & Deepti

Hari and Deepti The Illuminated Valley

I'm always in shock an awe from artists who are able to transport you to a different world, or dimension for that matter, with their work. Artist duo Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, known collectively as Hari & Deepti, does just that! They are two Colorado-based artists originally from India, who construct these incredibly picturesque cut paper dioramas that illustrate scenes of wondrous adventures and travel to fantasy worlds. Each shadowbox is filled with stories and imagination, brought to life by illumination to capture a fairytale essence and magic for the viewer. "They have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of story telling," quoted from Black Book Gallery. "Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them." Their most recent works will be featured during CONTEXT Art Miami from Nov 29th - Dec 4th at Black Book Gallery, Booth 226, so be sure to swing by!