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Artist Depicts Roaring Movement of Waves Through Beautiful Map Collages

Matthew Cusick Depicts Roaring Movement of Waves Through Map Collages - Mylan's Wave

A multimedia artist working in collage, painting, and book art, Texas based artist Matthew Cusick is best known for his map collages comprised of intricate, warmly colored portraits and landscapes, or even previously his immensely detailed portraits. “Maps have all the properties of a brushstroke: nuance, density, line, movement, and color,” he says. “Their palette is deliberate and symbolic, acting as a cognitive mechanism to help us internalize the external.” These collaged waves are formed from various found maps and placed like a puzzle, simulating the roaring movement of breaking swells, sometimes massive, rising up and crashing down with graceful force, each unique with their own thrilling capacity to draw you inward.

New Cut Paper Religious Rewritings by Meg Hitchcock

Meg Hitchcock Cut Paper Religious Rewritings

Brooklyn-based artist Meg Hitchcock has already wowed us in the past, with her incredible large scale illustrative pieces that incorporate meticulously weaving thousands of words letter by letter from the Koran to transcribe the Book of Revelation from the Christian New Testament. Her works are comprised of this underlying religious theme, dissecting the word of God, where she discourages the literal reading of the text by eliminating punctuation and spacing; a sentence from one text merges with a passage from another. Her newer works have began to take on more shape, forming a niqab or scarf from these letters, which are reconfigured from alternate texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Book of Mormon and even the Kama Sutra.

Geometric Cut Paper Pattern Collages by Elise Wehle

Elise Wehle Geometric Cut Pattern Paper Collages - LIke a Fire is Burning

California native Elise Wehle studied art at Brigham Young University in Utah, but found her calling and understood the type of art she wanted to create after living in Spain for a year. Surrounded by the patterns that cover Andalucía, Wehle began using similar patterns within her own collages. Yet, it was the Alhambra, a Moorish palace covered in intricate, hand carved patterns, that influenced Wehle the most. These hand-cut paper designs are comprised of layers of an assemblage of mixed media, transforming the images into distressed and textured compositions. She states, "It's not surprising then that after I saw my first cut paper artwork, a beautiful piece by Donna Ruff, I knew I needed this process in my creative life. It represented that human presence, imperfect but dedicated, that I admired so much in others' work. I started experimenting with cutting paper soon afterward." The moodiness of each person is captured with each defining slice, as if windows to each subjects soul.

New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips

New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips - Liz Claiborne

I will be attending the art fairs in Miami Beach this year and I'm super excited to share some of the talented artists that will be exhibiting there. One in particular that I have written about previously is Peter Combe, San Francisco based artist whose fascination with the subtle shifts of light, color and movement in his art, creates three dimensional portraits comprised of thousands of household paint swatches that have been punched or shredded. Drawing from a spectrum of 1,100 colors, he works tonally–each color of the single colors are placed based on tone rather than hue, providing an almost pointillist finish. Depending on the vantage point of the viewer, they subtly transform, an effect that is difficult to imagine whilst not being present before the work. So, for your viewing pleasure, his work will be on display for Art Miami at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery, originally based in San Francisco, from Nov 29th - Dec 4th and for Robert Fontaine Gallery, Booth 112 at CONTEXT Art Fair Nov 29 - Dec 4.

New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips seen first on on Strictlypaper

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard by Ryan Sarah Murphy

New York based artist Ryan Sarah Murphy creates abstract, sculptural collages using found and collected cardboard and book covers, which are then recycled and transformed into contemporary works of art. Though these abstract paper reliefs appear to be painted, however they are completely altered as is. Ryan Sarah's artistic practice generates from a wholly intuitive place, prompted by the materials that come and go freely within her day-to-day experience. As a compulsively overlooked throw-away, the artist is rather interested in the way the simple, abundant and inherently impermanent materials can be structured into quiet surfaces that convey both formation and dilapidation simultaneously. Her work is currently on display at the Odetta Gallery in London through December 18th, 2016, in a series entitled Bauhaus babies, alongside Richard Bottwin and Sylvia Schwartz. The exhibition, curated by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, aims to focus on the special interest given to contemporary painting, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, playfulness and encyclopedic obsessiveness.

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard seen first on on Strictlypaper

Misunderstanding Focus: Stacked Cut Paper Collages from Photographs by Nerhol

Misunderstanding Focus: Stacked Cut Paper Collages from Photographs by Nerhol

In the original series captured by the collaborative team Nerhol, we were only able to see a glimpse of some of the 27 portraits that created over a span of a 3 minute time lapse of immobility. Here is a more extended version capturing the movement of each collaged portrait through the topographical layering and carving of the many photographs taken during this short interval. The stacking of each image after they have been cut, generates an effect where the image appears to be distorted and blurred. The resulting portrait series is a tribute to mortality rather than vanity - a gentle reminder that our bodies keep changing every second of every day!

Minimal Carved and Layered Paper Reliefs by Irfan Hendrian

Minimal Carved and Layered Paper Reliefs by Irfan Hendrian Logical Aesthetic

A visual artist and graphic designer born in Ohio and now currently working in Bandung, Indonesia, Irfan Hendrian specializes in paper cutting, paper construction, print production and photography. His works have been widely exhibited in his home and abroad and he has worked for bands, art organizations, and the like to create clear visual communication. His works combine the use of pressed layers of paper and glue where some are carved and collaged along with silk and fabric. In these series, 'Logical Aesthetic' and 'Record of the Past and Present', some are minimal and others very complex. After layering paper with glue, he then dissects and exposes the paper to see how the fiber reacts and expresses itself naturally within the overall composition. A feeling that he describes as great, the ablity to lose control in how to compose and manifest paper.

Minimal Carved and Layered Paper Reliefs by Irfan Hendrian seen first on Strictlypaper

Life Through Death, Collage and Assemblage Works by Jeremy Grant

Life Through Death, Collage and Assemblage Works by Jeremy Grant

Award-winning graphic designer Jeremy Grant is an emerging artist born in California, currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. Focusing on mixed media collage, with strips of paper and photographs, and the utilization of the assemblage of found objects, his body of works explore the themes of destruction & creation, death & resurrection, and chaos & familiarity. After breaking down his materials he brings them back together, pairing the items in unexpected ways and transforming these discarded, disconnected objects into assembled pieces of art, where he likes to think of this as creating new life out of destruction.

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years, Happy Birthday Strictlypaper!

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years Happy Birthday Strictlypaper

In lieu of Strictlypaper's 6th birthday this year, we have chosen 60 astounding examples of the most loved paper art works from over the years. Since the beginning, that hot summer day long, long ago in 2010, the major focus of SP has always been to highlight the most creative use of paper, this spanning across a very wide array of fields and categories, with artist from all over the world. We have always strived to be a source of inspiration to push your work just one step further, as well as a hub for other paper artists and artists alike to learn about one another... because we all know there are SOOOOO many artists out there! With that said, please enjoy this selection of paper sculptures, origami, animations, paper fashion, installations, collages and more. Share to the masses, because in the end, we couldn't have done it without you. So THANK YOU and here's to the future!!!!

Colorful Magazine Paper Collages by Mayuko Fujino

Colorful Magazine Paper Collages by Mayuko Fujino

In commemoration of Strictlypaper's 6th birthday today. I present to you one of the first few artists we featured on Strictlypaper, Mayuko Fujino, a talented self taught papercut artist from Japan currently based in New York City, specializing in mixed media collage. Her debut on SP, Arikui Abduction, showcased this colorful style of magazine paper collages and she has since been creating these vibrantly stylized works.