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Folding For Peace – A Paper Garden by Anouk Vogel

Anouk Vogel Landscape Architecture - Paper Garden - 3 Folding for Peace is a garden in Nagasaki, Japan where all the plants that compose the garden are folded out of white paper. Realized by Swiss Landscape Architect Anouk Vogel the piece was commissioned by the Gardening World Cup and awarded the Silver Medal and Judges' Special Award at the Festival of Flowers and World Peace.
"An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. Inspired by this popular belief, the garden Folding For Peace is the physical remain of a wish for world peace."—Anouk Vogel

Deutsche Fernsehlotterie “Paper World” by Sehsucht

Sehsucht - Deutsche Fernsehlotterie - Paper World - 1
"Follow the paper plane into Sehsucht's latest origami-style world of helping hands and improved communities. Sehsucht produced the 30 sec. TVC "Paper" full CG for Deutsche Fernsehlotterie, a charitable lottery, and their agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen, all three companies from Hamburg/Germany. Director Hans-Christoph Schultheiss and his team walked the tightrope between reduction and complexity, aiming to create the characters as human as possible but with a realistically foldable look that carries the complex textures of paper."

Hydro-Fold by Christophe Guberan

Hydro Fold - ECAL - Christophe Guberan Christophe Guberan, a third-year Bachelor student of Industrial Design at ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne created Hydro-Fold, a project that experiments with self folding inkjet printed paper. “The idea is to give shape to paper through the simple use of water, adapting an existing printer to control the phenomenon. This experimental approach allowed me to explore new avenues of research,” explains Christophe Guberan. Indeed, this project is based on a totally new experimental process which, using a printer, a simple sheet of tracing paper and water, creates a transition from 2D to 3D, generating tiny volumes in just a few minutes.

Caine’s Cardboard Arcade

Cane's Cardboard Arcade Caine is a 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. At first, business was slow—that is, until his first customer, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, was inspired to organize a flashmob through Facebook and Reddit, sending a slew of worthy gamers upon Caine’s Arcade and capturing the magic day in a wonderful short film. Caine's inventive spirit and his simple and creative cardboard Arcades are truly inspiring. We hope you enjoy the short film as much as we do!

Forest by Eiko Ojala

Forest - Eiko Ojala Forest is a series of personal illustrations by Eiko Ojala for the solo exhibition “Teine lõige” at Von Krahl, Tallinn, Estonia. Beautiful, funny, minimal.

Bourrasque by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge - Bourrasque "A ream of paper scatters in a gust of wind, soaring high into the black winter night, every sheet glowing bright, against a backdrop of the most exquisite 17th century architecture. The site is the grand courtyard of Lyon's Hotel de Ville, and the occasion is the city's annual Festival of Light, a winter tradition drawing thousands of visitors to its festive attractions. In his installation "Bourrasque", designer Paul Cocksedge has combined his interest in the nature and morphology of paper with a subject that has long been an important element of his design work: light..."

Adam Amaral’s Shapehead

Adam Amaral - Shapehead "Essentially I want to have shapes for a head and I like buffalos, when you combine those two loves you get this…" says Adam Amaral, who shot this amazing scene for his new Demoreel that's coming out soon!

Cardboard Installations in NYC by Clemens Behr

Clemens Behr - NYC 2011 - Subway I love geometrical forms in general, but then having them built with low budget materials such as cardboard then having them displayed in the streets of New York just makes these sculptures look so bizarre, beautiful and sexy. Alienated extensions of the city that just seem to naturally grow and bloom in the streets and on the roofs. What you can see here are several uncommissioned public installations done in 2011 by fantastic Clemens Behr in the East Village, China Town, Soho and Brooklyn.

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium Jelly Swarm is an interactive art installation for the Vancouver Aquarium, inspired by luminescent jellies found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Created by vancouver-based Tangible Intervention in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu, the installation features 94 folded origami jellies made from Tyvek, each containing an LED light module, suspended from a custom aluminum structure.

The Paper Fox by Jeremy Kool

Jeremy Kool - The Paper Fox - Scene The Paper Fox is the working title of a children's book for android and ipad tablets that Jeremy Kool is currently working on. Jeremy successfully crowdfunded his project through Pozible. The story is created by himself and written by his sister Amanda who is a published fiction author. All of the artwork in the book is done by Jeremy and it's absolutely beautiful. Characters and the landscapes are created 100% digitally but made to look like paper craft and real origami. We love the style and can't wait to see the book come to live.