So who is behind Strictlypaper, well wouldn’t you like to know… haha just kidding!

Here’s a little background about Strictlypaper….

In July of 2010, after much deliberation about a side hobby, I, Jasmine Wilson wanted to have a cumulative collection of inspiration for paper projects, since I designed paper crafts for kids at Nickelodeon at the time. With that in mind I said to Daniel, “Hey, why don’t we just start a blog strictly about paper art that we like!”

Thus the blog Strictlypaper was born and from that point forward, in cahoots with talented “designer through code” Daniel Scheibel, we set out to find amazing projects in all sorts of realms of interests to share with the masses. That journey has indeed become a beautiful one, even just doing the research on a daily basis and having a literal mound of awesome to sift through is sometimes a BIT overwhelming… but definitely well worth it. I commend the artists who are so due diligent in their process, prep and execution… beYOND awe inspired by you all.

Like mentioned above, Strictlypaper showcases work in a wide array of fields, such as advertising, fashion, architecture, product design, and animation to name a few… and even a Not So Strictly section that features artists who are either inspired by paper, but it isn’t. All artist, by our standards, are supremely talented and inspiring.

You may already be familiar with our Facebook and Tumblr pages, as of late we started an Instagram feed, which I have to say has opened the floodgates in terms of the amount of talent. Be sure to give a shout! I swear it is a daily revelation to see so many people, all over the world, creating such wonderful works of art. As of 2018, Strictlypaper is being run only by me, so feel free to reach out and share your work.

Also coming soon I will be releasing the very first newsletter, better late than never I always say! So don’t forget to subscribe.Also coming soon we will be releasing our very first newsletter, better late than never I always say! So don’t forget to subscribe.

If you have any feedback about the site or would like to share paper artists, amazing paper animations, paper exhibitions and or even collaborate with us, please reach out!

That said, thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at all of these incredible artists… Looking forward to continuing to grow in “highlighting the best creative uses of paper,” so grow with us and enjoy the site!


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