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The Many Faces of Michael Jackson, a Tribute in Paper by Belinda Rodriguez

The Many Faces of Michael Jackson, a Tribute in Paper by Belinda Rodriguez - Billie Jean

I still can't believe that Michael Jackson, one of my all time favorite musicians and dancers no less, has left this world. I remember trying to learn all of his dance moves in my mirror back in the day or even watching Moonwalker over and over again to the point of knowing all of the words, classic! He will always be timeless to many people across the world and continue to inspire us within our hearts. There were many tributes since then, but of course it wouldn't be right not to do a small tribute to Michael Jackson on here as well, and of course in paper.

That brings me to the stunning work of Belinda Rodriguez, a freelance designer, illustrator, and paper artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I particularly love her style and how she is able to capture the features of her subjects in her paper portraits using specifically cut pieces to accentuate the facial features like cheekbones or hair and then layering them to add depth and cast certain shadows. She has done a set of four paper relief portraits of Michael Jackson in very familiar outfits, like Michael in his papercraft glitter outfit and wearing the infamous sparkling glove for Billie Jean, or his outfit for the Super Bowl, adorned in metallic gold and matte black paper.

Paper Cut Silhouettes by David Reeves

Paper Cut Silhouettes by David Reeves

David A. Reeves is a photographer and designer, who has been making miniature staged vignettes made ​​from cut paper silhouettes. The images have been layered to create an incredible depth of field. He has included references to martial arts, a western, Batman and even some zombie scenes!

Zombigotchi Paper Toy

Mikey Please has done it again and now with a short animated film entitled Zombigotchi, about a lively zombie paper toy promoting a new iPhone game.