Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

There are many beautiful artworks made of paper that we have seen throughout this site and many others, whether monumental sculptures or unique carvings out of books. However, there is one technique I feel hasn’t gotten as much love it deserves, the art of paper quilling. There are so many talented artists out there and I feel that it is absolutely necessary to share them with you all, even if this is just the beginning. The featured artists share a common goal in breaking the boundaries of traditional quilling, leaving the viewer mesmerized, with circling questions of “how did they do that?!” and “Wow, that’s incredible!” I hope you enjoy this selection!

Portrait of Lionfish Merged with Man by Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya Quilled Paper Art

Whimsical Illustrations by Meloney Celliers

Whimsical Quilled Illustrations by Meloney Celliers - Whale

Stallion by Mainely Quilling

Mainely Quilling Paper Art

Maple Leaf by Tomris Acar

Tomris Acar Quilled Paper Art

Quilled Phoenix by Stacy Bettencourt

Stacy Bettencourt Quilled Paper Art

Thorn in My Side Typography by Lavanya Naidoo


Spring by Maria Adomova

Maria Adomova Quilled Paper Art

Hamburger by Marlene Subhashini

Marlene Subhashini Quilled Paper Art

The Great Wave Of Kanagawa by Papertalk Nguyen

Papertalk Nguyen Quilled Paper Art

Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi

New Intricate Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi - Blossom

Smile Typography by Luke Bugbee

Luke Bugbee Quilled Paper Art

Ship on the Sea by Svetlana Danilova

Svetlana Danilova Quilled Paper Art

Flowers and Heart by Judith + Rolfe

Judith+Rolfe Quilled Paper Art

Underwater Reefs in Rolled paper by Amy Genser

Amy Genser Creates Gorgeous Underwater Reefs From Hundreds of Tiny Rolled Papers

Beautiful Typography by Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik Quilled Paper Art

Intricately Detailed Tapestry by Lisa Nilsson

Lisa Nilsson Quilled Paper Art


Usokei Quilled Paper Art

Golden Mermaid by Iriška Sergeeva

Iriška Sergeeva Quilled Paper Art

Spring Inspired Typography by Dinosaur Vietnam

Dinosaur Vietnam Quilled Paper Art

Frida Kahlo Portrait by Tamsyn Gutiérrez

Tamsyn Gutierrez Quilled Paper Art

Also on a side note, if you or anyone you know of would like to be featured or interviewed, please feel free to give us a shout!

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