Wonderfully Illuminated Cut Paper Dioramas by Hari & Deepti

Hari and Deepti The Illuminated Valley

I’m always in shock an awe from artists who are able to transport you to a different world, or dimension for that matter, with their work. Artist duo Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, known collectively as Hari & Deepti, does just that! They are two Colorado-based artists originally from India, who construct these incredibly picturesque cut paper dioramas that illustrate scenes of wondrous adventures and travel to fantasy worlds. Each shadowbox is filled with stories and imagination, brought to life by illumination to capture a fairytale essence and magic for the viewer. “They have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of story telling,” quoted from Black Book Gallery. “Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them.” Their most recent works will be featured during CONTEXT Art Miami from Nov 29th – Dec 4th at Black Book Gallery, Booth 226, so be sure to swing by!

Hari and Deepti Home is Here and NowHari and Deepti The Quest 2Hari and Deepti An Island is Born

Their experimentation with layered paper cut shadow boxes began in 2010 with hand painted watercolor paper which was then cut and assembled in a wooden box to create a diorama. With years of practice their art became more intricate and minimal at the same time. They started experimenting with lights and simplified their pieces by losing the colored aspect of the paper. They have since then evolved to add their own style of paper cut art incorporating back-lit light boxes using flexible LED strip lights. Paper happens to be the perfect medium for capturing the depth found in valleys, caves, pools of water, mountainous terrain and thickets of forest.

Hari and Deepti The Quest 3Hari and Deepti Castles In The Sky

“Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.” – Hari & Deepti

Hari and Deepti The Quest 1Hari and Deepti The OdysseyHari and Deepti Isle of Gold - Detail

“What amazes us about the paper cut light boxes is the dichotomy of the piece in its lit and unlit state, the contrast is so stark that it has this mystical effect on the viewers.” – Hari & Deepti

Hari and Deepti Everyday Above Earth Is a Good DayHari and Deepti Isle of Gold Close Up

via Black Book Gallery

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