Lunar Cycles: Thousands of Colorful Origami Birds in Paris’ Largest Urban Mural


French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice latest work, Lunar Cycles, is a large-scale installation comprising of 15,000 colorful origami birds in Paris’ 13th arrondissement. Created in collaboration with Mathgoth Gallery, the celestial-inspired artwork spans an area of over 2,000 square meters and is the biggest urban mural ever created in the French capital.


The largely stunning Lunar Cycles mural was installed on a building slated for demolition at the end of the year to make room for a new housing development. Before beginning her installation, Mademoiselle Maurice applied 500 liters of black paint to the front of the 140-meter-long building to create contrast for the rainbow-like, geometric patterns created by the origami. The artist spent over 150 hours folding thousands of origami birds, and also added 2,000 “Maurigamis,” a kind of two-dimensional painted origami, as a solution to weeks of rain onsite.


The final design was created with input from the community, including previous inhabitants of the demolition-slated building. The colorful artwork symbolizes the process of change and pays homage the hundreds of residents temporarily uprooted by the building project. “It was a big trauma for a lot of them because they spent their lives there, sometimes even there since they were born,” the artist said in an interview with Wide Walls. “They will come back later into the new building, but waiting for that they can say goodbye to their home with colors and with the evocation of changes.” Lunar Cycles opened to the public late last month and will be taken down late August 2016.


via Inhabitat

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