Delicate Paper Works by Tamara Lise


Tamara Lise is an artist specializing in paper and book art. Her studio is based in France where she creates original works of art out of paper that combine her technical skills with contemporary themes. These delicate works are greatly influenced by the world of literature, a passion that led her to study bookbinding techniques early in her career. After her completion of a Master of Book and Paper Design at the ENSAV La Cambre in Belgium in 2011, she began producing artworks in which paper is a fabric, inspired by prehistory and traditional as well as modern art forms.


Tamara is a multi-faceted artist whose movement between written word and visual objects are in an effort to reveal all of the beauty of her materials. Her skills in her works are sensitive and dedicated, intellectually stimulating the material takes on a poetic resonance, transformed into a mantle of written symbols. Tamara has exhibited her work across Europe in galleries, contemporary art centres, libraries, specialized bookshops and even private homes.


images courtesy of Tamara Lise via submission

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