Wonderfully Vibrant Miniature Paper House Series by Cameron Garland


Seattle-based cut-paper artist and illustrator Cameron Garland’s portfolio has a wide array of vibrant paper cut illustrations that leave you in shock and awe of his talents, especially since a lot of his works are at a super small scale. That’s right, itty bitty, super tiny paper craft works. In this particular series, the focus is on some of his latest miniature paper sculptures, a themed paper house series.

Cameron Garland’s interests in paper cut art began back in 2010 through his mother, who had shown him the work of Brittney Lee. At the time he hadn’t thought of it much, or of creating art in general, but after the loss of his mother he decided to honor her legacy and honor what she had always encouraged him to do, create. With zero formal training as an artist, he began experimenting and learning along the way and has been lucky enough to make a career out of it, working with clients such as Disney, Marvel, and Dreamworks.

“It has all been such a dream come true to not only be working as an artist, but to also be creating things that others enjoy!” – Cameron Garland


His love of spontaneity allows for his process to be very organic, letting his works evolve along the way. The most difficult part of his process however, is selecting the right colors. He puts a huge emphasis on color language with his works and a lot of time is spent comparing several shades to make sure he chooses the right combination.

That said, I have to say that two of my favorites are the surf shack above, with its bright neon colors and all of the crazy details. You wouldn’t even know it was small unless you saw it up against something small like a penny. The other being the Wizard House at the very top, iridescent and glittery, floating in the clouds. All in all the meticulousness of his attention to detail is beyond astounding.

Cameron-Garland-Miniature-Paper-House-Haunted house

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my peers and the things that I enjoy, like cartoons, comic books, and video games. I’ve only been creating for a very short time, but I’ve been lucky to have made a lot of friends in the art/animation world and seeing their success and their constant creativity really drives me not only to keep up with them, but to continue to grow as well and try new things with the medium. That said though, my wife and my mother are the reasons I create and without their constant love and encouragement, I’d probably doing something else entirely.” – Cameron Garland


images courtesy of Cameron Garland

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