Delicate Paper Flowers Inspired by Pencil Shavings by Haruka Misawa


These colorful and delicate paper flowers by Japanese designer Haruka Misawa were inspired by the winding spirals of pencil shavings. They are created using layers and layers of paper with color gradations, tightly rolled into cylindrical scrolls, which are then shaved using a pencil sharpener. The ever shifting forms are only about 15mm-40mm in diameter, but a closer look reveals the thinly sliced, multi-layered paper. They can be displayed on your desk or as a wall decoration and you can create different variations depending on how thick it’s sharpened.


“You can sense the materiality of the individual sheets of paper, both from the cross section showing the paper’s original color and from the printed side. Each Paper Flower will bloom quietly and softly on your desk. Depending on how you sharpen it, the shavings may be thick and heavy, or so thin as to be almost transparent, so you can’t make the same flower twice. Once you’ve created one, you’re bound to try again.” – Haruka Misawa


via Faith is Torment

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