Mythological Greek Paper Cut Illustrations by Sameena Jehanzeb


Sameena Jehanzeb is a German artist, certified in graphic and communication design, illustration and paper cut artistry. In this series entitled The Old Masters, one of her favorite projects so far, she was inspired by Greek mythology and the incredibly detailed and stunning sculptures from that era. In these three paper illustrations, she has utilized the positive and negative space beautifully, showing the fine details of the hair in contrast with the solid forms of the gods and goddesses curved bodies.


As a designer, she also has a fascination for modern art and interior design, where she has combined the old with the new in the patterned backgrounds, giving the pieces a modernized homage to the era in colored accents of white, black and gold.


“As I looked at a picture of August Rodins »The Kiss« once more I knew I had to do something with that lovely work of his. So I turned it into a papercut, finding that the white paper complimented the original sculpture. I didn’t want to simply copy the old masters’ works though, but add my very own interpretation while keeping their classical style. I think geometrical forms go very well with the sculptures’ simple beauty.” – Sameena Jehanzeb


Technical facts:
The size of the final artworks is 30 x 42 cm and they consist of three layers with a total depth of about 2 cm. They are separated by thick cardboard paper enabling the front layers to cast beautiful shadows when framed.

via Submission
images courtesy of Sameena Jehanzeb

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