Ethereal Nature Inspired Paper Cut Illustrations by Kyong Ae Kim


San Fransisco based Korean artist Kyong Ae Kim, intrigued by the symbiotic relationships of ecology and the fragile vulnerability of living creatures in their surroundings, has created these series “The Skulls” and “Wildwood”, where her process involves recreating skulls and trees as paper cut illustrations, creating forest-like images which she hopes will illuminate our responsibility to protect nature and seek coexistence.

In “The Skulls” series, she uses the photographed skulls of endangered species such as polar bears and elephants as a reference. She cuts several layers of drafting film by hand in varying shades of bright to dark, where she then transforms them into multiple stacked layers. These layers represent time and evolution, like that of fossils.


In the ‘Wildwood’ series below, she cuts the drafting film of multiple images of trees after some have been digitally manipulated to further their transformation. This creates added depth as if peering through a portal of that trees ghosted past in nature.


“My recent work, ‘Wildwood’ and ‘The Skulls’ series rely on my own methodology, complexity (the process) within simplicity (the final surface). Digital processes are interplayed with conventional artistic medium (hand cutting, and drawing).” – Kyong Ae Kim


via Submission
Images courtesy of Kyong Ae Kim

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