3D Cubed Collaged Portraits by Paola Bazz


Paola Bazz is an Italian born, UK based mixed media artist and painter who uses printed paper recycled from magazines, newspapers and catalogs to create these three dimensional portraits. The faces of people, the movement of the human body and the relationship between public and private in everyone’s life, were the overall themes of her paintings and has carried through to these incredible sculptures. She has always had a strong fascination for printed-paper and by the power of communication contained within it.


She makes these portraits three dimensional by stacking each square layer by layer, sometimes varying in size, which are then glued on canvas, cardboard or wood. They are created by putting together an aggregate of fragments, half-finished sentences, faces, images and letters, in a sort of jigsaw puzzle. She likes playing with the idea that all these fragments are records of different stories and all together they contribute to tell a new story. This way, the viewer establishes a continuous cross-reference between the messages contained in the paper of individual “concertinas” and the overall image.


“Printed-paper, bursting with information, is witness of the time passing by, offering fragmented insights of society. It represents our frantic every-day life giving us vivid and constantly updated records.” – Paola Bazz


If you happen to be in New York this fall, be sure to check out her work at the Affordable Art Fair Sept 28th – Oct 2nd at the Metropolitan Pavillon with Store Street Gallery, London.

All images courtesy of Paola Bazz
Submitted via our submission form.

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