The Pop-Up Wizard From Prague Exhibition


Vojtech Kubašta (pronounced VOY-tesh ku-BASH-ta), who was born in Vienna and grew up in Prague, was a man of many talents. He was a Czech architect, graphic artist, children’s book illustrator and master of the pop-up book. In his time, the 1960s and ’70s, his uniquely incredible engineered books were translated into dozens of languages and read by millions of children around the world. However, in the United States, he was virtually unknown.

In invite you today view these works while they are still available. About one hundred items of Kubašta’s work, which has been carefully curated, are now featured at the Grolier Club and will be on display until March 15th in “Pop-Ups From Prague: A Centennial Celebration of the Graphic Artistry of Vojtech Kubašta.”


“What’s astounding about Kubašta, as opposed to many pop-up artists today working with multiple layers of paper, is that he achieved his effects using a single piece of paper” –Mr. Sabuda


Chronologically, the exhibition, begins with some of Kubašta’s early student drawings from the 1920s and, twisting and turning through the decades, concludes with an illustrated bibliography of his work that was privately printed in 1989, three years before his death at 78.


via New York Times

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