The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg

The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg Met Box

Looking for a different kind of calendar to add to your collection, why not check out The Cube Calendar, a unique item for your desk, which adds an innovative twist to the concept of tear-off calendar. This piece, created by Amsterdam-based graphic designer Philip Stroomberg, isn’t like the ordinary calendar hanging from your wall, but a compact object that subtly changes shape in your hands.

The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg 4 boxesThe Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg TotalThe Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg January 2014

Divided into six rows, The Cube Calendar is made from hundreds of cardboard cards lined up and held together as a cube by two binding screws. The cards have been punched from two sheets of Algro Design. There’s a card for each day and, every few days, a card with a quote about time – a humorous observation or a philosophical aphorism. “‘What day is it?’ ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet. ‘My favorite day,’ said Pooh.” Or this statement from philosopher Bertrand Russell: ‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’

The Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg Quote GrouchoThe Cube Calendar By Philip Stroomberg Origami Box

The Cube Calendar comes in a specially designed box that folds around the cube without glue or other adhesive. Once the lid is lifted, the box falls open like origami, leaving only the calendar to be picked up. Its modern design refers to cultural traditions such as Bauhaus and Het Nieuwe Bouwen making it very contemporary Dutch. The calendar has now won six international awards, one of which includes their most recent at the Gregor International Calendar Awards.

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