Steampunk Valentine – Mechanical Greeting Card


With a fascination for machines, especially those with wheels, similar to the ones found in Clockwork Love Jewelry, Bradley N. Litwin discovered his passion for the function surrounding mechanical design. He is inspired not only by the beauty of the geometric relationships of each moving part, but also in how they are assembled and juxtaposed, as predicated by their function within a system, and the evolution of mechanical design.

From that passion he has developed MechaniCards®, which are miniature, hand-operated, kinetic sculptures, designed and produced in limited edition. This piece, Steampunk Valentine, is the second MechaniCard® design introduced in 2013. It is a combination of Victorian mechanophilia and futuristic fantasy, in a timeless and plaintive pursuit of romantic bliss.


He has several different types of MechaniCards® featured on his website. Each is hand made, numbered and signed by the artist. They are constructed primarily from paperboard, with a few bits of wood, metal, or plastic. He designed them so they are suitable as gifts turning out to be truly unique greeting cards. Each piece comes with complete instructions and display recommendations. Some are also available as do-it-yourself kits.

steampunk-valentine-mechanical-greeting-card-laser-cutsteampunk-valentine-mechanical-greeting-card-gearssteampunk-valentine-mechanical-greeting-card-partssteampunk-valentine-mechanical-greeting-card-be-mine-movingSteampunk Valentine - Mechanical Greeting Card

Be sure to check out the video below showing the “reveal” process and mechanics behind the card.


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