I Have Your Heart – Stop Motion Animation By Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt

I Have Your Heart Proposal

The I Have Your Heart story begins in 2010 when Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder came together and schemed to make an animation showcasing Crabapple’s amazing art and Boekbinder’s delicious music. Later down the line they found Jim Batt, or rather Batt found them, and thus a collaboration of beauty, joy, and unbounded creativity was born. Fast forward a remarkable 2 yrs later, and they are finalists for the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films at the Sydney Film Festival in 2013, nominated for Best Animation and Best Director.

I Have Your Heart Girl WindowI Have Your Heart Gent Wink

I Have Your Heart is the short film about a good girl with a weak heart and the boy whose untimely death ultimately saves her life. It is imagined through darkly whimsical stop motion animation, and inspired by ‘The Organ Donor’s March’, Boekbinder’s rollicking, accordion sing‐a‐long song about love, loss, and open‐heart surgery. Enjoy!

I Have Your Heart Front of House with CastI Have Your Heart TouchingI Have Your Heart Evil PeeringI Have Your Heart Old LadyI Have Your Heart From BehindI Have Your Heart Building ShipI Have Your Heart ZoomI Have Your Heart GentlemanI Have Your HeartI Have Your Heart Behind the Scenes GateI Have Your Heart Front of Building

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