Vitamins & Placebo by Zim and Zou


With a series of colorful projects such as vintage electronics or chef’s masks, the french dynamic duo Zim and Zou has acquired a quite vibrant design style. In this series they have created a project for the magazine DER SPIEGEL Wissen about vitamins and placebo and their placement in the world.

For the vitamins series, there is one pill that contains fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The second however, is more about the darker side of the industry and the money that it is after. For the placebo portion, they created fake boxes of medicine with fake names, such as Obecalp = placebo for instance, where some are sliced to show their emptiness.

Vitamins & Placebo by Zim and Zou
Vitamins & Placebo by Zim and Zou
Vitamins & Placebo by Zim and Zou

via Behance

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