Curled Paper Mosaics by Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi Tikrar

Gunjan Aylawadi is a uniquely astounding paper artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her technique, which is influenced by her cultural identity and the Middle Eastern architectural motif, employs the act of “curling” strips of paper to form these incredible, highly detailed illustrative pieces. Similar to quilling, curling appears to be one long strip of paper literally curled to a specific tightness and then placed to form these large textiles. Each work requires deep commitment, both physically and emotionally, and can take Gunjan up to several months to complete.

Gunjan Aylawadi Tikrar DetailGunjan Aylawadi RabieGunjan Aylawadi Rabie Detail

“What I enjoy most about making my work is the experience people have when they look at it. They stop for a moment to have a closer look and the moment turns into long minutes of being fascinated by the beauty a simple medium like paper can add to the work in front of their eyes.” — Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi DerwezeGunjan Aylawadi Derweze DetailGunjan Aylawadi BusraGunjan Aylawadi Busra Detail

via The Paper Convention

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