Second Nature: Quilled NYT “T” by Sherry Rodehaver

Second Nature: Quilled NYT "T" by Sherry Rodehaver

Quilling, as we have showcased several times throughout Strictlypaper, is the art of rolling and pinching thin strips of paper into very unique designs. Sherry Rodehaver has been quilling since 1971, and for this piece entitled “Second Nature,” she, along with four other women, reimagined the symbolic “T” for the New York Times as a field bursting with sunflowers, dandelions and a butterfly that feels as if it would fly away from the illustraton. Rodehaver explained to the New York Times Style Magazine, “I never want anybody to walk away from my work without having that wow factor.” This speaks volumes since it has definitely left me with a “WOW” exclamation on my face!

via NYT Style Magazine

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