Tomás Saraceno: Cloudy House

Tomas Saraceno: Cloudy House 1

In 2009 Andersen’s Contemporary in Berlin presented Tomás Saraceno’s Cloudy House, an exhibition comprising a cloud installation, sculpture, video and photographs.
Saraceno suspended numerous geometric clouds made from white matte paper in various heights, some floating above the viewer’s head, others group together under the ceiling.

“Tomás Saraceno’s experimental works explore concrete visionary urban-planning and question our relationship to nature and natural phenomena on a truly global scale. His sculptures often resemble networks of floating cells or suspended habitats, including airborne gardens, floating bridges and large-scale models for futuristic dwellings. Combining visual elegance with determined and purposeful engineering, Saraceno’s ethereal sculptures challenge our experience of the three ecologies: the environment, human subjectivity and the social landscape (Guattari).” —

Tomas Saraceno: Cloudy House 2
Tomas Saraceno: Cloudy House 3
Tomas Saraceno: Cloudy House 4
Tomas Saraceno: Cloudy House 5

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