Black Paper 37 – Chair by Vadim Kibardin

kibardin design - black paper 37

Designer Vadim Kibardin created the low paper armchair “Black Paper 37” out of 37 paper layers and 20 details of gofer cardboard. The armchair is a result of experiments with various materials and exploration of the co-existence of, ‘Chaos and Sequence’.

kibardin design - black paper 37 - multiple views

“Simple paper not only possesses high constructional characteristics but can also dazzle through the beauty of its contours. A distinctive texture of the chairs’ overlay encourages a dialog with a user. A distinctly personalized form of the chair can be created by rumpling and chopping paper layers.”—Kibardin

kibardin design - black paper 37 - multiple detailskibardin design - black paper 37

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