Shotopop – Voodoo

shotopop - vodoo

The fine folks from Shotopop just updated their site and added some really nice new work like this personal project called Voodoo. Everyone on the studio joined in for this exercise. They started off with a flat vector design and altered it until it was in a form where they could build it. Many hours of meticulous cutting and pasting later this gem was born.

Also congrats on their new partner, the prolific Shan Jiang. Shan, trained by an Ancient Chinese Kung-fu Master, and the only true living Ninja, has been a legend in the illustration world for a while now, and he’ll now be working his magic as Director at the Studio near London Fields.

We can’t wait to see more!

shotopop - vodoo
shotopop - vodoo

Images via Shotopop.

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