Larger Than Life Fountain of Cardboard by James Grashow

Fountain of Cardboard by James Grashow

Have you ever seen a fountain made of cardboard? Probably not, or in most cases not as extravagant and awesome as this! James Grashow hails from Brooklyn, where we reside, and he has a wide range of projects from large scale environmental installations to delicate houseplants. With this in particular, I’m hoping I have the pleasure of seeing one of his installations in New York.

“Grashow’s enormous cardboard sculpture is inspired by Bernini’s famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. He believes that “creation and destruction are married to each other,” so the work will be installed outdoors on The Aldrich’s front terrace where it will weather and disintegrate. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in Grashow’s project Accumulated Wishes by recording their hopes and dreams on special coins designed by the artist and then tossing them into the Fountain at the Museum.” — Imprint Magazine

Fountain of Cardboard by James GrashowFountain of Cardboard by James GrashowFountain of Cardboard by James Grashow

discovered via Imprint Magazine, photos James Grashow

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