Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm is an interactive art installation for the Vancouver Aquarium, inspired by luminescent jellies found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Created by vancouver-based Tangible Intervention in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu, the installation features 94 folded origami jellies made from Tyvek, each containing an LED light module, suspended from a custom aluminum structure.

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver AquariumJelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 3Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 4Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 7

“In the natural world, bioluminescent jellies glow when they’re disturbed. Jelly Swarm imitates that natural, reactive behaviour by allowing Aquarium visitors to surprise the origami jellies into creating beautiful patterns of colour and light. Move a hand across an interface on a plinth mounted touch screen, and the jellies respond.

When left undisturbed by the public, the origami jellies, programmed as independent objects, interact with their closest neighbours, creating generative luminescent displays.”

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 5
Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 8
Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium - 10

project credits:
concept: alex beim & joseph wu
design: reynaldo tortoledo & alex beim
design assist: pam troyer & kenji rodriguez
engineering consultant: leigh christie
jelly design & fabrication: joseph wu
programming: reynaldo tortoledo & pablo gindel
electronics: dong yang & mike manning
structure fabrication: burak ataman (flexyshop)
plinth fabrication: ken sullivan at vancouver aquarium
installation: TI team & don knudson (vancouver aquarium)
electrical: evan maxwell (vancouver aquarium)
production: andy meakin
commissioned by: rebecca eames at the vancouver aquarium

Via Creative Applications. All photos by Mark Montgomery.

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