Folded by Eva Black

Eva Black Folded

Eva Black is a freelance graphic designer hailing from Southern California who, through the exploration of paper, began this piece entitled “Folded”. She started collecting various found paper, through paper that was given to her, paper collected over time, paper from old artworks, paper bags, or paper she bought from old bookstores. The piece in its entirety has about 3,500 triangles and is about 12 x 13′.

Eva Black FoldedEva Black Folded

“It’s fascinating working with a medium in which a new tactile experience is explored. A medium that is often regarded as common, but has also created strong connections with its viewers.

Each has a story to tell, from old maps to smaller paper remnants.
These have been taken from their discarded state and folded three-dimensionally to further their transformation.

A transformation that finds order in its details.
A transformation into something beautiful.” — Eva Black

Eva Black FoldedEva Black FoldedEva Black Folded

via Eva Black

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