Words Can Fly A Thousand Miles

Words Can Fly A Thousand Miles

You may remember the stunning piece from Brian Li and team last year entitled Still Life Comes Alive, which portrayed thousands of pieces of paper which were folded and glued together to form the sentence which literally and perfectly illustrated itself.

With their more recent piece, ‘WORDS CAN FLY A THOUSAND MILES’ the focus behind the project is to provide an aid to people in Fukushima, Japan suffering from the aftermath of the natural disasters and nuclear plant crisis that occurred last March. They created this three dimensional typographic poster out of paper, which represents their hope that the words and messages can encourage Japan during this difficult time.

The design was inspired by the Japanese traditional custom, Senbazuru, which means a group of a thousand origami cranes where it is customary to fold these cranes to wish someone luck. They wanted to pay tribute to this custom through the process of constructing the paper sculpture.

Words Can Fly A Thousand MilesWords Can Fly A Thousand MilesWords Can Fly A Thousand Miles
creative director: Kyosuke Nishida
art director: Kyosuke Nishida, Brian Li Sui Fong
designer: Dominic Liu

photographer: Simon Duhamel
This project was realized with the help of Surface3 Design Office.

via Brian Li

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