Sweet Tweets

Sweet Tweet by Uniform's ULAB 1
Ever thought about building a huge slide system out of paper for your bubble gum balls and hook that up to twitter? No? Well, let me introduce you to Sweet Tweet, the first project to come out of brand agency Uniform‘s research platform, ULAB.

“We’ve been exploring the idea of Physical Apps, objects that connect to the internet to perform dedicated tasks, enabling users to access information or services without using a standard interface like a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. “-Uniform

Sweet Tweet is an extension of this idea, a physical app that connects the studio to their Twitter followers. Each time they get a new follower on Twitter a cuckoo clock dispenses sweets for their team to eat. The sweets go through an extensive system of paper slides with loopings and jumps which is really fun to watch. Nicely done!

Treat Uniform to something sweet and Follow them on twitter @uniformtweets

Sweet Tweet by Uniform's ULAB 3Sweet Tweet by Uniform's ULAB 4Sweet Tweet by Uniform's ULAB 5
via notcot.org

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