This is T.I.E by Blinkink

This is T.I.E. by Blinkink

This is T.I.E better known as The International Exchange, where they combine the expertise of corporate communications and the needs of NGOs in developing countries to create positive sustainable change. Joseph Mann of Blinkink based in London as well as a thoroughly extensive crew of help, created this well done handcrafted video covered in paper from the dashboards to the very characters themselves. Below I have included the making of so that you can take a step behind the scenes into the process.

This is T.I.E. by BlinkinkThis is T.I.E. by BlinkinkThis is T.I.E. by BlinkinkThis is T.I.E. by Blinkink

This is T.I.E. by Blinkink | Making OfThis is T.I.E. by Blinkink | Making Of

Directed by Joseph Mann at Blinkink

Director: Joseph Mann
Producer: James Bretton
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Post Production Producer: Tiggy Walker
Production Manager: Jordan Cross
Production Company: Blinkink
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

Director of Photography: Max Halstead
Studio: Clapham Road Studios
VFX Motion Control: Max Halstead
Camera/Lighting: Clapham Road Studios
Special Thanks: Matt & Elisabeth Day

Characters & Set Design: Joseph Mann
Model Makers: Jonathon Bran, Lauren Brown, Joe James, Joseph Mann, Jimmy Patrick, Daisy Roth, Lydia Smith
Stop Frame Animators: Joe James, Joseph Mann & Lydia Smith
Technical Director: Simone Ghilardotti

3D Modelling and Texturing: Gabriele Coen, Felip Docolomansky & Simone Ghilardotti
3D Animators: Gabriele Coen & Boris Kossmehl

Composer: Jonny Smith
Sound Design: Wave Studios
Voices: Martin Collins, Will Harper, Jonny Sabbagh & Philippa White

Post Production: The Mill
Producers: Luke Raffety & Cat Scott
Rendering and Compositing: Francois Roison
2D Compositor: Tobey Lindback
2D Artist: Georgina Ford
3D Texturing and Rendering: Ian Baxter, Sam Driscoll & Jacob Gonzales
Colourist: James Bamford
Editor: Simone Ghilardottti
With special thanks to: Marshall Street Editors

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