magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 1

TSAWORKS aka Martin Böttger created this futuristic looking paper flower that could be straight out of a Japanese anime.

The project is called MAGNOLIAFORMA and is a collaboration between him and MAKEDO—“a set of connectors for creating things form the stuff around you”.

Martin only used different colored cardboard and a Makedo Kit. Until now I haven’t heard of MAKEDO before but it looks amazing what you can do with it. As Makedos Galleries mostly show robots, cars and houses for kids, this is definitely a good addition to their showcase to inspire other artists and show that the possibilities are endless.

material / cards / makedo kit / size 0.90 m x 0.90 m x 0.70 m

magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 6magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 7
magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 8magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 9magnoliaforma - tsaworks - makedo - 5

Images via TSAWORKS.
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