Carved Phonebook Sculptures by Alex Queral

alex queral frank sinatra

With the use of something as simple as a phonebook, Alex Queral carves faces into them giving an astounding realism and making each face pop off the page and come to life. Alex Queral was born in Havana, Cuba, but currently is Philadelphia-based artist. It’s almost impossible to fathom the amount of work that is placed into carving something so detailed. By using the phonebook, a very sharp X-ACTO® knife, a little pot of acrylic medium to set detail areas and a great deal of talent, Queral literally peels away the pages to reveal the portrait within. Once these pieces are finished he applies a black wash to give more definition and then seals the entire book with acrylic for its preservation. Below you can see a few more of his sculptures along with their details on the side. To see more of his work you can visit the Projects Gallery site.

alex queral albert einsteinalex queral albert einstein detail
alex queral jimmy hendrixalex queral jimmy hendrix detail
alex queral jackalex queral jack detail

images via Alex Queral

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