Babushka: New Quilled Work from Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya Babushka

A new work from Yulia Brodskaya that takes quilling to completely different level. Just when we think we have seen the magic of paper artwork there is something else that manifests itself. Yulia is definitely one of the most talented quilling artist I have seen to date and we had recently written about her Christmas in Wonderland piece which definitively shows her mastery of the art of quilling. We hope that you enjoy her awe inspiring work.

Yulia Brodskaya BabushkaYulia Brodskaya Babushka

“Initially, I was concerned about the limitations of the quilling technique and the material from which the work is constructed – paper & card – as it very much dictates what can and cannot be said within the boundaries of the chosen medium. However, this material limitation turned out to be a strength for me: there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in unique ways so that the medium can become a significant part of the message. Thus, after working with paper quilling for over three years I am at a point where I don’t feel constrained by the technical challenges of the medium; I’m eager to keep experimenting, and this piece is just a beginning.” — Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya BabushkaYulia Brodskaya Babushka

“Being a three dimensional object, the artwork offers multiple views depending on the angle of perception and the intensity and direction of lighting. These things can drastically change the visual experiences and emotional message of the same artwork. The rough snaps below should not only help to see some work in progress stages, but also demonstrate the versatility that can be achieved by playing with lighting and angles” –Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya BabushkaYulia Brodskaya BabushkaYulia Brodskaya BabushkaYulia Brodskaya Babushka

Images via Yulia Brodskaya ().

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